Advertising multiple properties

We noticed some sellers have described many properties within one listing -- this is typically a really inefficient way of advertising and here's why.

1. Visitors will not be able to search and find your other listings when they restrict the searches by certain location, property type, and price. After all, If you had chicken eggs for sale and advertised that you have potatoes, the chance of you finding a buyer for the eggs would be very small. Therefore, list your asset separately exactly describing it's location, value, and other attributes thereby increasing hits to each of your ads.

2. List your assets separately and increase overall views for all of your listings. We have a neat feature at -- the site automatically promotes sellers with multiple ads by linking all additional seller's listings within each listing. So if a visitor finds one of the listings he/she is likely to visit the other listings as well.

3. Advertising is all about numbers--the more people see your add, the greater the chances are that one of them will be interested in it.

4. We offer multiple ad discounts if you have more than 10 ads.


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