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Advertising Your Business on GoSwap.org

If you are looking to advertise your property for swap, please click to register. Below are our sponsor advertising plans (not property listing plans), please contact us with any questions or call 904-687-1600.

Flexible Plans

Quick Monthly Stats:

Our sites receive
over 420,000 page views
over 75,000 visitors
Advertise your website or business on our network of sites including GoSwap.org and SellFinanced.com. Our ad plans start at only $3 per 1,000 impressions (CPM) for smaller ads, $4 CPM for medioum size, and $5 for larger ads similar to 728x90 px. Depending on the plan chosen your ads will be rotated at the bottom of listing pages, forum, and articles. We accept image, flash, and text ads of most sizes.

Ad size: Large Medium Small
Desired # of impressions (728 x 90 px, 250 x 250 px or similar) (468 x 60 px, 180 x 150 px, 300 x 100 px, or similar) (234 x 60 px, 120 x 90 px or similar, or text ads)
50,000 impressions $250
100,000 impressions $500
200,000 impressions $1,000
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Fixed plans

ad type (all prices are per month with 3 months minimum) home page other pages except home
all pages
Static text or small image ad (160x160px) in the left or right column, similar to what we have on this page, price is per each 20 words, can have different colors and/or small images $50 $200 $250
AJAX driven constantliy changing text ad in the left or right column, just like on this page, price is per each 30 word segment, can have many segments, and different colors. Price includes ad creation, just supply the text and/or small images. $100 $50 /per page per month, please specify which page N/A
AJAX driven constantliy changing 500px X 100px image ad with all kinds of effects just like we have on the bottom of this page. This is essentially a short movie. Priced per 2 segments or frames, per month. and includes ad creation with images and text supplied by advertiser. N/A $100 /per page per month, please specify which page N/A
Regular banner ads supplied by advertiser $80 $250 $500
Other options may be available, please enquire      

GoSwap.org receives almost 4.5 Million Page Views for the year!


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