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Quick Stats

Max. commission per order: $20
Commission for free listings: yes, when user pays $9.99 per lead
Recurring commission: yes
Recurring period (cookie lifetime): 90 days
Referral tracking: cookie and IP
On sale email: yes
Reporting: daily, weekly, monthly
Sub-Affiliate signup (2 tier program): yes
Sub-Affiliate commision paid to Affiliate: 10%

Getting Paid

Commission payments: PayPal, check
Min. commission payment: $100
Commission payouts: monthly

Ways to Refer

Word of mouth, print, email: attach your affiliate ID name like goswap.org/#joe and we will remember all visitors sent by you.

Online: we track and assign users to your affiliate account based on IP and cookie (yes, we bake lots of cookies). Use Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, or even create your own house trading blog.

Sub-Affiliate(s): sign-up a few subs and let them do the leg work

Brainstorming... House trading is such a unique concept, so we are sure you can come up with some creative ways to get the word out...

After all, we all win by trading!

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