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CBS News Story with Katie Couric is here, plus some curious stuff...

The CBS story aired last Friday, March 6th, but we and our servers were so busy and could not handle much more traffic--over 9,000 visitors that evening alone. Just like before we regret that we were unable to pinpoint the exact day of the story as the media makes no promises. Within days after the story we started receiving feedback on new success swaps in progress. In fact, several of the listings on our Top 60 Most Wanted Trades (yes, it used to be 20) are in the closing stages.

Featured stories on house trading

Stuck In Your Home? Swap It (CBS News with Katie Couric)

With two kids, Melissa Petrocco and her husband needed more space, but couldn’t move until they sold their 1,900-square-foot townhouse outside Atlanta. CBS News correspondent Kelly Wallace reports that it sat on the market for nearly two years.

“We really thought in this market, we’re going to be here forever,” Petrocco said. Watch video and read entire article...

Stumped home sellers look to make a trade

msnbc_houseswappingBy Jane Hodges
updated 1:22 p.m. ET, Wed., March. 4, 2009

Blynda and Leonard Masters wanted to buy a bigger home in Jacksonville, Fla., so they could entertain more and host extended family. Like many would-be home buyers in this market, however, they faced an increasingly common financing problem: They couldn’t borrow to buy a new property until they sold their old one. Read entire article...

More local stories will broadcast this and next week: Seattle, Miami, Jacksonville. So, watch your local news and let your friends know, too.

What else is brewing at GoSwap.org?

Real Estate professionals are finally signing up to represent entire metropolitan areas.
Many of GoSwap.org Metro Pages have been snatched up recently, so if you are a pro (or not) and would like to represent your region click here for details or to signup. Just about anyone can represent any city or major metropolitan area and turn this into a small business. The areas are exclusive. We also pay a $50 referral fee if you spread the word about this service, just let us know who signed up as a result of your referral.

Want to get the Metro Page for free?
Here's our swap proposal to you: feature your GoSwap.org listing or your swap story (even if not completed yet) in your local media and we will set up your Metro Page at no charge for up to 6 months ($299 value, refund based on quality of the story). One string attached: the story must mention or link to www.goswap.org! Media loves house swapping stories, so this one is an easy one. View a perfect example of a local CA story...

Did you know that GoSwap.org is also spreading internationally?
We are just about to open our Australian Metro Pages, followed by Europe and the rest of the world. Why? One of our initial goals was to increase liquidity in the real estate markets. Going international means more options for our sellers, which will bring more offers to trade in the long run. We are proud to be the only website with a leading platform embracing various asset trading in all locations.

Noticed our new enhanced search on the homepage?
It now includes How to Search tab (finally) and the ability to browse by Categories & Curious Trades (you see, we are Curious George fans, too).

Some interesting pre-configured searches include:

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