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GoSwap.org hits nearly 1 million MONTHLY page views thanks to permanent house trading popularity

March 2009: Due to the continued and escalating public interest in house trading our overall traffic more than tripled in one month. The rise can be mainly attributed to CBS News and MSNBC coverage featuring GoSwap.org.

View GoSwap.org stats for March 2009

February 2009: Thanks to our loyal user base and extensive media coverage our site has just surpassed 1.6 million page views over the last 12-month-period as evidenced by Google Analytics below. Our daily page views are already hovering around 10,000 and if this trend continues, we might hit 3,000,000 yearly page views next year.

Website page views report is not the same as visitor count, instead, it is a measure of how popular the content is. In other words, what good is it if a website gets tons of visitors who hit the homepage and leave immediately because they cannot freely view other pages on the website?

We at GoSwap.org do not require anyone to login in order to search and view listings. Therefore, our listings get more traffic compared to our competitor sites, while sellers usually receive more swap proposals.

Our goal is visitor loyalty--we want visitors to view as many listings as possible, propose many swaps, stay longer on our site, and come back.


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