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GoSwap meets YouTube

Let us create and post your property video

Presentation is everything! In order to sell or exchange real estate you have to get people excited about your property and the first step is to get as many people through your door as possible. Well, why not get them through the "virtual" door first--the internet. At least you won't have to prep the house and bake the cookies.... Here's what's included in this handsome package:
We will design a professional video using your own pictures, video clips, and text that you can email us at info(at)goswap.org after you submit the payment.
We will then place the video in your GoSwap listing as well as YouTube--the premier video sharing site that will bring hundreds of eye balls to your listing. You will be able to share the video everywhere else on the internet or email. But don't take our word for it, look how this video will appear in your listing: http://goswap.org/trade/-2

You can order all upgrades to your listings here: Listing Upgrades

To add an existing video describing your listing, simply upload the video to www.youtube.com or any other video sharing site. Copy the video embed code for your video (it usually starts with "embed" tag and provided by the sharing service). Then paste the code in the description field of your GoSwap.org listing.

If you have not posted your listing yet, now is a good time to take advantage as our feature rich listings are still FREE! Many more features are coming, so stay tuned. http://goswap.org
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