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GoSwap.org April 2008 Newsletter

GoSwap.org is ranked higher than most other trading websites as tracked by Google

That's right, we appear #1 in natural search results out of close to 1.8 million total results for prime keywords like "permanently trade homes," "permanently trade land" and about 20 other keywords in the real estate exchange industry. What does this mean to sellers? More visitors to their listings. In fact some of our featured listings have already received over 3,000 hits! So why have they not swapped yet, you may ask? Read on as we  explain some of the pitfalls and strategies to improve chances of selling or swapping your property.

5 ways to instantly increase exposure and chances of finding a taker

1. Make sure your listing is well represented by having up to 15 pictures and a complete description. We keep stressing this point over and over, yet about 50% of the listings are inadequate in this regard. Update your listing with a lengthy title, exciting description, and awesome pictures. Remember, the goal is get people excited about your property.

2. Advertise your GoSwap.org listing on other websites, such as craigslist.org zillow.com, as well as local discussion boards. If you are  swapping out of state it would be wise to have your listing appear on websites for both areas.

3. Take advantage of our upgraded listings designed to bring hundreds of additional visitors. If you choose 1,000 guaranteed listing views plan, we actually pay to Google and other search engines to advertise your specific listing and it only costs you $0.10 per click. Keep in mind that in some markets it already costs up to $1.00 per click to run a campaign, but because of the economies of scale, GoSwap.org is able to deliver a cost effective way to market properties. We now offer a featured listing for a full year for only $99. All listings upgrades are found under http://goswap.org/listing-upgrades.html

4. Regularly send out swap proposals yourself. Don;t just sit there and wait. We have new listings added daily, so be sure to run your search at least a few times per month and send new proposals frequently. The swap proposals you receive are stored under My Account > Edit Listings > View swap proposals.

5. Reply and follow to all swap proposals you receive. Do not hesitate to request more information and pictures if the listing description is not adequate.

NEW: Most Unusual Swaps section can be found at:


If you have an unusual swap and paid for an upgraded listing, please email us to be included in the section for additional exposure. Media loves this page, so you never know, but your house may appear in a publication one day!

Think creative, be creative! 


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