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GoSwap.org is now "feeding" Google, Vast.com, Trulia.com, others to follow


We now have fully functional RSS listings feeds going out to Google Base, Vast.com and Trulia.com which can be sean in action here

Many other smaller websites subscribe to Google Base feeds, so all listings published on GoSwap.org are also inserted in numerous other real estate and classifieds websites.

The following GoSwap.rog outbound feeds will be implemented in the next month or so: www.byownerMLS.com www.PropSmart.com www.odle.com. We submit all our real estate listings free of charge to attract more listing views and website visitors.


In addition, we have completed the swap "matchmaker engine" with automatic result mapping, and made it public. All visitors (not just registered users) can simply go to our Listings page and search for owners listed in any state AND who want to come to user specified state(s). By contrast, our competitors perform their matchmaking "behind the scenes" using a computer match only. From our experience this sometimes creates unwanted results while removing freedom during the search. The competitor approach also prevents unregistered users from searching, while registered users may only get the automated results. Instead, we put the power of searching into users' hands.

Here's the search result in action of swappers who want to move to California from any state

And here's same for owners who want to swap for Los Angeles


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