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GoSwap.org statistics shows many sellers willing to permanently trade homes for any location

In a recent report produced by GoSwap.org, nearly 20 percent of all sellers listed in the database will consider a permanent exchange for another property located in any state.

October 16, 2008 -- As the housing slump continues fueled by the credit crunch, home sellers are becoming even more creative in finding ways to find buyers. According to the most recent report, 79 percent of sellers have indicated specific location in the swap criteria for the property they listed for trade, while 21 percent are willing to consider a swap for a property in any state or location.

All of the properties on GoSwap.org are listed for sale or permanent exchange for another property, and 82 percent of listings represent homes for permanent swap, 11 percent are land listings, and the remaining 7 percent are commercial, residential, and other property classes.

GoSwap.org listings database is comprised of properties for permanent exchange, of which nearly each 4th listing is in the state of Florida (26 percent of total), followed by California with 11 percent share, and Arizona, Georgia, Texas and Washington states with 7 percent, 5 percent, 3 percent and 3 percent respectively. According to GoSwap.org, "Southern states represent the bulk of our listings for swap, which is in line with the current housing trends and the slump in this region."

The report further concludes that "the South is also the most wanted region with at least 25 percent of all traders willing to swap for the region, and Florida topping this list with 13 percent of wanted listings" according to GoSwap.org. California is the next most wanted state with 11 percent, followed by Arizona, Georgia, Texas, North Carolina and Michigan.

GoSwap org (http://goswap.org) is an open source project helping sellers of homes, land, commercial and multifamily properties, timeshares, and other assets to trade within the same or different asset types. The website features a matchmaker that produces search results based on entered swap criteria. The site is completely free to use and visitors can propose a swap for any listing, even without creating an account. Sellers can post free listings or upgrade listings at nominal cost.


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