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Holiday 2008 Newsletter: Get more offers, trading statistics, gift certificates

We wish you the best in your property trading endeavors

...and hope you will have a successful trade. Meanwhile, if you are looking for a gift, consider a GoSwap.org gift certificate that your friends or relatives can use for listing upgrades, which will help them to sell or trade their home, land, or RV. You can purchase one with a credit card for the amount of your choice at the bottom of all pages at http://goswap.org and it never expires!

How to increase chances of a successful swap

  • ...Periodically send out tons of swap proposals yourself and do it preferably utilizing our new public swap proposals feature so that other people can see your listings and perhaps reply if they have what you are looking for. Search our site for all matches, and email each owner you might consider swapping with. Make sure to look through those who are considering swapping for any location--these owners might be very open to any swap proposals.
  • Be sure to save your searches (hint: you must be logged in, then click save search just above search results) and we will email you all new swaps that match your criteria, on weekly basis. You can always delete and modify your searches and stop the notification later.
  • ...

    GoSwap.org hits 8,000 daily page views!

    After the introduction of the public swap proposals, our page views and time on site have almost doubled to about 8,000 page views per day, thanks to the overwhelming response to this new feature that enables posting and proposing a swap directly below each listing. We have been at this mark before, but only when there is major media coverage, such as these Wall Street Journal and CBS News coverages. Well now we are at these levels due to our internal traffic, which is thanks to you, users!

    View the graphs...

    GoSwap.org statistics shows many sellers willing to permanently trade homes for any location

    In a recent report produced by GoSwap.org, nearly 20 percent of all sellers listed in the database will consider a permanent exchange for another property located in any state.

    We have a new successful house swapping story video featured in the videos section

    This one is probably the only story that actually mentions real estate agent involvement-- although the agent didn't seam too enthusiastic. The homeowner, on the other hand, made the swap happen by owner without even listing the house in the MLS. Watch the video...

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