How to add pictures and videos to your listing?

Property Listing Images

Adding pictures is simple. Once you submit the listing go to:
My Account > Edit Listing button >Modify Listing > Insert Images
Browse up to 2-4 pictures from your computer and click Upload at the bottom.
The number of pictures you can upload at a time depends on your internet connection speed and size of the images, so try a few at a time first. To set a primary picture to appear first in your listing, simply set "Field Order on Listing Page" to "1", then press update at the bottom.

  • For best results, picture size should not exceed 800x600 pixels and 2MB
  • If the image is too small (200x200 px or less), then the main image on the listing page will appear fuzzy, and the gallery will only play your images in original (small) size.


User Images

User images are personal photographs primarily used by real estate professionals, although anyone can upload their portrait as well. The image will appear on user's profile next to user's contact information. Trader profile also lists all other listings posted by a given user, and can be accessed from the listing.

To upload user image, go to: 
My Account > Edit Account (not edit listing) > Insert Image > browse, then hit Upload
Users are also encouraged to updated their contact information including phone, mobile phone numbers, homepage, and user type. All of this info appears under Propose a Swap and visible when anyone is trying to contact a user. User photos and contact info are global parameters that will be added to all of user's listings, so any changes made will apply to all of your listings.

If you have trouble uploading, please upgrade your listing to include tech support for only $19, then email us the pictures in any size or format at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it along with your listing ID. All paid listings also include FREE tech support.

Virtual Tours & Panoramas

If you have an Enhanced listing you may upload up to 5 wide angle panoramic images and our system will automatically show them as virtual tours with instant play.


We now support videos embedded from and other similar video sharing sources. Simply upload your property video to YouTube, then copy the video sharing widget code that starts with <embed....> and paste it into the description section of your listing. We also offer video conversion and creation services, click here for details.



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