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How to increase chances of a successful swap

The short answer is increase your listing exposure and below are some tips on how to accomplish that at little or no cost.
  • We know this is repeating, but start with a well written listing description, clearly stated swap criteria, and include many pictures. Show people that you are serious, ready to deal.
  • Periodically send out tons of swap proposals yourself and do it preferably utilizing our new public swap proposals feature so that other people can see your listings and perhaps reply if they have what you are looking for. Search our site for all matches, and email each owner you might consider swapping with. Make sure to look through those who are considering swapping for any location--these owners might be very open to any swap proposals.
  • Be sure to save your searches (hint: you must be logged in, then click save search just above search results) and we will email you all new swaps that match your criteria, on weekly basis. You can always delete and modify your searches and stop the notification later.
  • Advertise your listing on other sites as well, such as craigslist.org, although craigslist is usually only beneficial if you are swapping within your metropolitan area. Craigslist does not offer any kind of matchmaking service, so searching for multi-state swaps is not possible. Use listing sharing tools under "Seller Tools" within your listing where we provide you with HTML widget that will allow visitors on other websites to view your listing. Check out linking options and some additional benefits and also view our guide on selling real estate in the slow market.
  • If you'd like to really maximize your efforts and take the full advantage of the internet, consider listing upgrades, such as  Guaranteed 2,000 listing views for $99 (or about 5 cents per direct visitor). We will actually pay per click to Google so that visitors come to your listing from other sites based on specific keywords taken from your listing.

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