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GoSwap.org Press Release

The word is out, all the real estate markets are flooded with unsold homes, so sellers have to be more creative than ever. Permanently exchanging homes, land, or other properties is a perfect alternative because it provides liquidity in otherwise illiquid markets. GoSwap.org is geared to find a perfect match across multiple property types and eliminate any transaction costs as there are no real estate commissions when owners trade.

http://GoSwap.org is a free online property, vacation home, time-share, and transportation listing service with a twist. It allows posting trade ads in various categories, where swappers can list multiple exchange combinations for different types of property. For example a homeowner can list a home in exchange for another home, or a piece of land, a motor home, or a boat. Trade combination possibilities are only limited to the owner's imagination. As an example, what if your kid is going to college out of state and the family is on a tight budget, but you have a piece of land that's been sitting dormant for years? Perhaps you could exchange that property for several years of housing.

Our goal is to promote liquidity in the real estate markets. Just imagine that each property trade transaction will remove two listings out of the open market by matching a seller with a buyer, who is also a seller for his or her own property. Trading property makes sense in any real estate market and becomes a natural solution in today's lagging markets.

All listings at GoSwap are free for one year and include ten pictures and even virtual tours. There are several additional paid options available to swappers, including a featured listing, or submitting the listing to search engines where GoSwap will guarantee thousands of views for the listing or your money back. Site visitors can save their search and get notified via email when a new property with their search criteria gets listed. This is truly a one of a kind service, so have fun at http://GoSwap.org

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