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Active featured ID: 14775 Mammoth Crest Ranch - 140+ Acres in NM Santa Fe Mountains

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Map of MCR Location at
Mammoth Crest from SW
North from MCR Mammoth Crest is on the left, Mesa Apache on the right, the monolith in the Santa Fe Mountains to the north is El Porvenir.
Double Rainbows on MCR Mesa Apache is in the background.
Mesa Apache beyond US 84
Mammoth Crest vista
Big Boulder on Mammoth Crest One of many large boulder outcrops on Mammoth Crest of MCR.
MCR Sign Along US 84
MCR Vista of Central Area
A Campsite on MCR
MCR Panarama
Apache Mesa from MCR
MCR Pinon Pine in Boulder
MCR Lizzard
Pinon Pine in Bloom
Some MCR Mineral Rocks
MCR Petrified Wood
Hiking on MCR
MCR, Beautiful at Sunup

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MCR Plat.pdfMCR Plat.pdf mcrplat.pdf - 217.63 KB
This plat shows the location, shape and boundary lengths of Mammoth Crest Ranch (Moon Dance Ranch Tract #6), the entrance and transit roads (South Canyon Rd and Rockhouse Road) and the adjacent 40 acre BLM Leased land.

Max. Swap Value: $760,000
Swap For Location(s):

exchange for this stateAustralia
Metros & cities: San Diego, CA > Vancouver, WA, San Diego County, San Francisco Bay Area, Lake Tahoe, Palm Springs Area, Canmore Alberta, Vancouver, Townsville to Cairns Queensland > 33181

Will swap for:

Residential Residential

We prefer trading even for a moderate(2000-3500 sf)size well-maintained year-round accessible home with some land (optional)and view(s). Mountain or water views and/or on-water location preferred. Ideal trade would be an even-value combination trade of our ID #14775 at a value of $310K or with boot cash difference to us. We also have a GoSwap listing ID# 14778 for our gated country club home in North Phoenix, Arizona (value: $449K) that could be included in a combo trade (our 2 for your 1). Together these make a maximum trade value of $759,000.

Value: $310,000
Total loans: $0
Lot/Acreage Size (in acres): 180
City: Apache Springs
State or Country: New Mexico

Location features
  • Equestrian,
  • Historic,
  • Mountains,
  • Rural

Description: Mammoth Crest Ranch(MCR)is a 180 Acre beautiful, all-weather accessible,varied terrain view parcel covered with juniper trees, grass and pinon pines located at the south end of the Santa Fe Mountain Range and Santa Fe National Forest in New Mexico along the southern Rocky Mt. chain.

MCR ranges between 5,300' and 6,000' elevation. "Mammoth Crest", a central-ranch variable terrain boulder-tree-grass covered monolith, dominates the ranch skyline and majestic Mesa Apache just east of US Hwy 84 is MCR's front door postcard view. Multiple views are awesome.

MCR has over one-quarter mile NMDOT maintained-fenced frontage on US Hwy 84 (Historic Rt. 66) between I-40 and I-25 and runs almost one mile east-to-west; the west side is also newly fenced. The MCR entrance is on US Hwy 84 at milepost #86.

A very good all-weather semi-private combination lock-gated gravel road (maintained cost-free by the Moon Dance Ranch HOA) transits MCR. The property could easily be subdivided and the CC&R's provide for such.

Mammoth Crest Ranch is for sale by owner or trade per this listing. Specifically, MCR is 140 deeded acres (Tract #6 of the historic 2000 acre Moon Dance Ranch) and an adjacent 40 acres of BLM Lease which is transferable on sale or trade. Included also will be the "MCR" NM cattle/horse brand.

Cell telephone/data service is accessible on MCR; along US 84 is electric and fiber optic service and a residential electric utility line transits the front portion of the ranch for easy electric service access. A centrally located shallow drilled well(now dry)is on MCR. Groundwater is reported very good in adjacent tract wells; a new well would be required for dependable onsite drinking water. Annual San Miguel County NM real estate taxes are $1116.30; if "ag-use" exemption was applied these could be about $400/yr.

Mammoth Crest Ranch entrance coordinates are: 3517'37.89"N and 105 7'46.17"W . Observe MCR on Google Earth (note: GE map image is outdated); there are numerous accessible-level RV campsites on MCR with good views and miles of great hiking and/or horseback riding; there are even direct hiking/equestrian trails into the Santa Fe National Forest!

As Owners, we are open to consider real options in the desired locations listed; please be financially capable and serious traders. Your property must be "free and clear" at the time of trade, otherwise do not propose a trade. Our primary objective is to consolidate multiple properties/homes into a new geographic location home without going through the building exercise so, we have no interest in a trade for open land nor commercial-rental properties !

Swap Type:

I can add cash I can add cash
I own free and clear I own free and clear
swap even swap even

public swap proposal

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Phone: xxx-xxx-xxxx How to view name & phone
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Public & 3-way Swap Proposals: (17)add
Trade proposal by: LottoFactor > my listing #13330 (other proposals)
May 23, 2013
Panama mountain house for this land (not Bahama lot)?

Panama Mountain House / Bahama's Ocean Front Lot
$450,000 In Panama City, Panama. 5 bedroom 4 bath home inside gated mountain...

Trade proposal by: LARRY TWEED* > my listing #12789 (other proposals)
May 24, 2013

no photo

Trade proposal by: Lawrence Barron (no listing ID provided)
August 24, 2013
Congrats..Excellent post you have put together. If more people were detailed like what you put into this ad it would be enjoyable to research these goswap sites. It shows your seriousness. If you find anyone that is interested in Ag land near Disneyworld I am aggressive enough to follow thru. I have 33 acres realworld values here are going for 10K to 20K and acre. This one is adjacent to state run hiking trail that connects throughout the state plus a well of some the purest water in the state. Keep me in mind. Again thanks for the work you put into your ad. And if I can sell mine I would be interested in buying your property if it is buildable.
Trade proposal by: John Brier > my listing #13330 (other proposals)
September 19, 2013
Would consider both my mountain house and ocean front lot in an even exchange.

Panama Mountain House / Bahama's Ocean Front Lot
$495,000 In Panama City, Panama. 5 bedroom 4 bath mountain home inside Chagres...

Reply by Seller: Rob
September 20, 2013
Dear John Brier, We appreciate your interest/proposal but have decided that your properties do not match our criteria. Thanks again and good trading to you. /Rob
Trade proposal by: Michael DeStefano > my listing #15185 (other proposals)
November 25, 2013
We have some but not all of your requirements,San Francisco is 4 hr.s away,and we are closer to 1700 sq.ft. What we do have is a 3 & 2 On a bit over an acre worth over 400 K. {recent VA appraisal& pest inspection}!! We sit on the Van Duzen River end of cul de Sac.The river has world class Stealhead fishing, also kyack/rafting
Our offer is this you assume balance of loan 299 K and credit your Ranch sale price 85 K less. We give you 20K down make 1500 a mo. pmt. at 6% amortized over 15 years. My wife and I have credit ratings in the low to mid 800 s, and retirement/ disability of 68 K a year half of which is non taxable.
I realize this is a long shot but for us were not getting any younger and want to start a retirement style life.
Michael & Sherry De Stefano

no photo
home and plant for sale business
$400,000 In Carlotta, California.
Home situated On the Van Duzen River...

Trade proposal by: John Israel (no listing ID provided)
April 03, 2014


I saw your posted property for sale and am interested to buy it,may i know the condition.


John Israel
Trade proposal by: Glenn Osterhoudt (no listing ID provided)
April 23, 2014
Have hotel site overlooking gulf of Mexico on south padre island texas. All utilities in place. Will swap for land in nm.
Mine is free and clear. 152 x 350. Hiltons says it's worth 10 bucks per Sq ft.
Trade proposal by: Perez (no listing ID provided)
August 05, 2014
Look at my property southwest of your listed property
Trade proposal by: Jim Johnson > my listing #14826 (other proposals)
September 30, 2014
I believe that I contacted you concerning your Arizona home. Please visit my listing to view my unique property that I would also consider trading for your New Mexico land. Thank you.

$325,000 In Fort St. James, British Columbia.

Trade proposal by: Michael Richters > my listing #16704 (other proposals)
May 02, 2015
Yes, I know that Costa Rica is not on your list of swapables. And you are perfectly welcome to remind me of that fact. But, I'm hoping that I can tempt you with our home near Dominical, on the western coast of Costa Rica. We could very likely arrange a swap for the New Mexico property combined with the Florida condo. But, before I start dreaming and planning, please let me know if you would consider it.


Costa Rica Gem. Santa Fe with an Ocean View
$750,000 In Dominical, Costa Rica. This area of Costa Rica is like Santa Fe with...

Trade proposal by: David HectorororororororororororWune 28y 02, 2015
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Trade proposal by: my listin70124826 (other proposals)
Septemust 24, 2015
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curial-likd I htwoyour propertav="E taxab Ois one cent 40 aiew parnce or landta, Califo (Loror Augu7noli24, Look$276,ke 1baprtiznlorg/arswapablehat I ase em if and tVA apprar is reknow if you wo is MCR. seida your properne club homeual Sew os Tnd t (Loror

Trade proposal by: my listin76714826 (other proposals)
Septem0st 24,72015
an eup/ng"1/2i an aont lotB%" bauxnama Mouns[eal estsinspec]Sd (m Jim ,U.S.V.I.Ov-wateoThaHuriges/etisve[s0,heelueo a yacho no Sha 7oes, BritViaplns/Pow w &avel rtexico prop/ is b yith our h&e do hataial-ocated aousice anweek lotatesmptihne m if aed gr,n Horuthwestthe /340K/Andy,N.Fl. r />

no photo

Reply by Seller: Rob
Septem07t 24,72015
DAnddew Svendseu, Hdow yith ort S />J my properurvelad H. IrPana AWe appreciinr rey,some but am interesinying est of your lisss="optondouthwWBries./Rr />
Reply by Seller: Rob
Septemb5t 24,72015
Dme nean Doncey,s R; f Rene pr(beening; t),ene priew paruld angeo. BNoia. Th, but the buildned fo gr'm hoangGnd gTer tra.r />
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