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Sailboats for sale or trade Sailboats for sale or trade > Malaysia > Kota Kinabalu > Zip: 76990

Sold ID: 16063 57' Steel Ketch

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Year: 1999
Value: $569,000
Total loans: $0
City: Kota Kinabalu
State or Country: Malaysia
Zip: 76990

Description: Named "Crusoe" she is a special yacht who is bound to serve her new owners well. She is the bench mark for a state-of-the-art live aboard yacht built to serve a couple who are both adventurous and want the comfort and safety that is possible in a strong modern sailing yacht. Easily sailed by a couple, electric hydraulic winches, Leisure Furl in boom main and mizzen, and both head-sails are Kiwi Reef Rite furlers. Brent and Raewyn easily sailed Crusoe from NZ to Malaysia effortlessly.

Docking is easy with a powerful bow thruster, and duel helm stations. Crusoe's hydraulic lifting keel and rudder allow you to anchor next to multihulls in shallow water anchorages. At sea the 4.5 ton keel offers great stability at 3m in depth while at anchor the keel swings to 1m draft. Crusoe was built to New Zealand highest marine specifications for offshore charter, and designed for the ice. Crusoe has one inch steel plating bottom and with the keel and rudder up she will sit on her own bottom. This is especially important if a grounding occurs as all you do is lift the keel, back off and you're on your way again.

Commentary: “This yacht could not be built today for less than 3 Million”, this quote from the builder and previous owner of 9 years. Crusoe is over engineered and kept in pristine condition, many upgrades in 2012. Crusoe can leave her slip in KK Malaysia and set sail for anywhere on the planet. With water maker, no need to stop for water, you can motor nonstop for a week before you need to start looking for a gas (diesel) station!

Crusoe had a survey done within the last 3 years by the most highly recommended surveyor in New Zealand (Gerry Lindberg - Argos Marine surveyors) and in his report he states: "For the record and for your reassurance, this is one of, if not the best vessel I have surveyed from several hundred, in terms of build quality and conscientious maintenance. It may be the best, it is difficult to remember, but in any event she is leagues ahead of the general average and a great credit to her builder".

From the Seller: Base yourself out of Kota Kinabalu on Borneo Island in Malaysia at the 5 star resort Sutera Harbor Marina and Resort and live for 50% off the already inexpensive prices as a life member. We have purchased a life membership and will consider transferring it to the new buyers of Crusoe if sold for full asking price.

If you are in the market for a world class sailing yacht to fill your dreams of long voyage sailing or living on board; you should seriously consider this yacht. She is shown by appointment only and her owner is a serious seller. Contact shank32095@gmail.com

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