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Sailboats for sale or trade Sailboats for sale or trade > Panama > pto lindo >

Active ID: 14949 52 ft Ron Holland design sailboat

rh52 Renegade As seen from the mast top at 20 meters!
single cabin & V-berth This view is from the entry door to the single cabin and V-berth.
Salon, nav station & galley This view is from the port side looking aft. First is the entertainment center followed by the navstation and then is the galley
Salon, starboard sice This view is from the center companion way looking down to starboard.
Renegade View from the water looking aft. You can see the Furlex roller fuller, the staysail, mast, center cockpit, aft cockpit, life raft, 2 wind generators...
Aft companionway and center cockpit This view is from above the steering wheel looking forward to the center cockpit and the water passed ahead of the boat

rh52 Renegade
As seen from the mast top at 20 meters!

Max. Swap Value: $265,000
Swap For Location(s):

exchange for this stateAny Country

Will swap for:

Residential Residential

apartment/condo in Panama city, Panama or in Spain, or the USA

Year: 1982
Model: RH52 - Ron Holland 52
Value: $225,000
Total loans: $0
City: pto lindo
State or Country: Panama

Description: Our beautiful 52 ft Ron Holland designed cutter and our home for the last 19 years, is for sale or trade .
Renegade is fully equipped for offshore cruising. Owned her since 1998 and have sailed all the Cirebean and the Pacific from BC, Canada to Peru crossing the Panama canal twice. Currently moored at Puerto Lindo, a few miles East of Colon, Panama.
She is ready to go anywhere with full inventory of electronics including icom radios, furuno radar, GPS, fishfinder, interphase forward looking scanner, raymarine instruments and radio, binnacle mounted engine controls & instrument pod, raymarine autopilot, spectra watermaker, 135hp perkins diesel, 2kw honda genset, 2016, 12 ft caribe RIB dinghy w/custom sunbrella suncover, 15 hp mercury outboard, sturdy/high davits with power winch for easy launch system.
Mayor refit in 2005 with all new sails and new rigging. Navtec hydraulic adjusters for staysail, vang and backstay, furlex 4 for genoa, stay sail on hanks and main on a sailtrack. Newer (2010) hardtop on center cockpit and new bimini in aft cockpit with full enclosure. Large aft cabin with 2 beds, shower & head, separate galley with fridge and force-10 propane stove with oven. Spacious salon with large dining table, entertainment table and nav station. Double (2 bunk) cabin converted to workshop.
2 double cabins and 1 single cabin forward sharing shower/head. 100 gallons water, 180 gallonss diesel,
New paint in topsides in 2010 - no teak decks to maintain. Anchor bowroller and 2 large anchors - Bruce & Manson Supreme.
Custom radar arch with 2 airX wind generators and 2-210 watt solar panels - 2 more solar panels over hardtop - all controlled by 80amp Outback controller. Recently bottom painted. Excellent condition solid cruiser, great sailing performance, skeg hung rudder. Very well maintained. She is ready to sail or will make a roomy liveaboard until you are ready to go......anywhere !!!

public swap proposal

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Public & 3-way Swap Proposals: (8)add
Trade proposal by: Daniel (no listing ID provided)
August 02, 2015
20 acres of farmland east of Sarasota Forida
Trade proposal by: Daniel Bruno (no listing ID provided)
October 12, 2015
Bring her to the Buenos Aires area, I have a perfect expat business to swap
Trade proposal by: Daniel Bruno > my listing #17067 (other proposals)
October 30, 2015

I have two listings here on Goswap, bank safes that can be sent to any location and a foreign exchange trading business or live forex accounts in any amount. http://goswap.org/listing-17068 Let me know what we might be able to work out or what kind of financing you can offer. Regards, Daniel

460 Bank Safe Box Store in South America, Perfect ExPat Business
$475,000 In Montevideo, Uruguay. We are just across the river from Buenos...

Reply by Seller: Felipe Serrano
November 02, 2015
Dear Daniel Bruno, thanks for your offer. I am in the Atlantic coast of Panama near the San Blas Islands and will be hauling out the boat in the next month or so for regular maintenance. I am only interested in trading for a home or cash in the areas provided but I am willing to do a three way swap. The boat will be out of the water from December until March 2016.
Trade proposal by: Rick Smith > my listing #13570 (other proposals)
February 22, 2016
This could be the perfect sail boat for us! Interested in my listing 13570 and home or combo??

Reply by Seller: Felipe
February 22, 2016
Dear Rick Smith,
Your listing is "not available". Not sure why but I thought I would let you know.
Trade proposal by: Diego Torres N (no listing ID provided)
August 02, 2016
Beautiful landscape in Colombian Andes 45 miles north of Cali with an spectacular view of the Valle del Cauca and Calima lake..nice three rooms house, a few horses and 23 degree all year long. One hour drive to Cali metropolitan area ...around 30 acres

Trade proposal by: Diego Torres N (no listing ID provided)
August 02, 2016
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