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Homes for sale or trade Homes for sale or trade > Massachusetts > Leominster > Zip: 01453

Active ID: 16477 The old "Kendall Mansion" meticulously maintained! Own a piece os US history!!

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Value: $1,200,000
Total loans: $882,000
Bedrooms: 6
Baths: 8
Year Built: 1785
Square Feet: 6,000
Lot/Acreage Size (in acres): 3.55
City: Leominster
State or Country: Massachusetts
Zip: 01453
US Metro?: Worcester, MA
Type: Single-family
Address: How to view address
Location features
  • Historic

Description: 'The most interesting house in New England' has a ballroom in which Lafayette danced, a slave tunnel, and a Captain's room - designed to emulate a ships cabin with wood panels from the 1750s . Three plays have been written about its links to the battle of Lexington, and it is the setting for a documentary with Arnold Schwarzenegger!
Built in 1785 with eight bedrooms. Five and a half baths. 6,000 sf on just under 4 acres with gardens that were photographed for the Boston Globe gardens section. ... and yet it has a whirltub bath, a swimming pool and has been updated throughout.
Three plays have been written about the extraordinary characters that lived here and were performed in the mini theatre constructed in one of the barns. It comes with Shetland sheep, and coy. Just 0.6 miles off route 2 at the intersection with 190 - an historic country mansion exactly 1 hour from Boston airport! includes two spacious barns (16000 soft) both structurally engineered with new roofs! HISTORY HISTORY HISTORY! THIS HOME HAS US HISTORY!

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Trade proposal by: richard edwards > my listing #12022 (other proposals)
January 28, 2015
hotel nuestro sueno is interested... okay you want to trade... how do you proposed to handle the debt on the property... at 65% LTV there is a mill-stone hanging around the neck of the property... if the debt can be moved or reconciled we would consider a trade for a partial interest in the hotel... obviously some additional research would be needed, but on the face value of your listing, (even though it is cold as "hell" in Boston) there is a possible deal somewhere... get back to me, please

Paradise is where you find it! Its here!!!
$2,250,000 In san antonio palopo, Guatemala. MAKE PARADISE YOURS -- OWN IT...

Trade proposal by: Ben (no listing ID provided)
June 01, 2015
I need to see some pics of the place. The location is good for me. I am looking for a cool summer place. >> access proposal with contacts and details
Trade proposal by: Roger Sherwood > my listing #...
May 15, 2016
Please view my luxury ocean view home in Costa Rica, . minutes to beach. You can own for as little as $. . k down payment w/ owner financing. . . . . . . I also own a premium . /. acre lot in the... >> access proposal with contacts and details
Trade proposal by: Andrew Svendsen > my listing #...
August 03, 2017
. . . . acres full mineral rights in Jim Hog ,Calhoun Counties in Texas/even up/Andy,[ . . . . .]
[listing . . . details and pictures]
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