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Businesses for sale or trade Businesses for sale or trade > California > Menlo Park >

Active ID: 17068 Foreign Exchange Trading LLC, Proprietary Software, 5 Years in Business

First Page, LLC filing

First Page, LLC filing

Max. Swap Value: $6,000,000
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A yacht and anything else of value. If you have items that are not selling, large or small, we can help. Trade them for a forex trading account and earn cash. Contact us for details. If you are interested in acquiring this business, let's talk. We dont need the liquidity, we can accept your of lesser value swap and finance the balance.

Value: $6,000,000
Total loans: $0
City: Menlo Park
State or Country: California
US Metro?: San Francisco, CA
Address: How to view address

Description: This is a small multinational corporation with worldwide clientele of very high net worth individuals and funds that trade the FX market for profit. We are a New Zealand LLC and hold a US trademark. Proprietary trading software. This is a turnkey business that can be administered from anywhere on the globe. We are interested in partnerships and swaps of all kinds. We can also swap a forex trading account in any dollar value of an item for sale. Example: seller has an item worth $1000. We can accept the item as collateral to open a trading account worth $1000.

Visit website for additional info

Swap Type:

I can add other assets I can add other assets
I own free and clear I own free and clear
I will offer owner financing I will offer owner financing

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Phone: xxx-xxx-xxxx How to view name & phone
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Public & 3-way Swap Proposals: (3)add
Trade proposal by: Darryl T (no listing ID provided)
April 17, 2016
I have . . . x decanters of the worlds rarest vodka to trade, with a value of US$. . ,. . . .
Is this of interest? >> access proposal with contacts and details
Trade proposal by: DUSTIN JOHNSTON (no listing ID provided)
September 18, 2017
I have property I'd like to bring into a business if it makes sense. Best,Dustin . . . . . . . . . . >> access proposal with contacts and details
Trade proposal by: rick chaidez (no listing ID provided)
May 28, 2018
I have a bentley GT,eliminator . . ft sport boat,benz CL. . .
might be intersted but need more details
. . . . . . . . . . >> access proposal with contacts and details
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