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Homes for sale or trade Homes for sale or trade > Georgia > Fayetteville > Zip: 30215

Active ID: 17574 Fayetteville Georgia-Family Home for Trade

Beautiful in Spring

Beautiful in Spring
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Will swap for:

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Max. Swap Value: $300,000
Swap For Location(s):

exchange for this stateGeorgia, Georgia > Fayetteville,jonesboro, hampton, stockbride > 30215

Will swap for:

Business Businessaos1gvalue="10">10 < type="chept.getElementById('m/spt.iconizeon_iconizizeo oking to exchange for: Business, Residential Will swap for a homestead type property with at least 1 ache of land, lots of green space, ranch(one level) home with large open floor plan and at least 4 bedrooms. Off highway, not in a community or culdesak. Need privacy to grow a fresh garden where the community can some partake. Perfer clayton county but fayette county is ok too. Will consider a home/b,jones to map">Map ititit ght: 100%; flposition: relative; top: -14pxofen ght-whbor.org)s="modul-hilitebackground-image: url(/images/seeking.png); background-repeat: no-repep">Map iValue: tion:p Value: ay in Rive"440" iValue: Tot;cmionnsp Value: ay in Rive"440" iValue: B with lp Value: ay4"440" iValue: Bathlp Value: ay2.5in_remeiValue: optionValue: ayteville real 440" iValue: multiple="multiponValue: ayGeorgia 440" iValue: ttevilalue: ayettevill0" iValue: mub>Mai"0" vilalue: ayRdivrs Edgl 440" ""; >on.iaddon ">
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