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Transportation for sale or trade Transportation for sale or trade > Ohio > delta > Zip: 43515

Active ID: 18325 beautiful Bentley Arnage Red Label 2001

no photo

no photo

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Transportation Transportation

Will trade for motor home with plus or minus cash depending on value and condition of motor home. will also take cash contact me at rstewart.hd54@gmail.com

Year: 2001
Make: Bentley
Model: Arnage
Value: $39,500
Total loans: $0
City: delta
State or Country: Ohio
Zip: 43515
Vehicle Milage: 46,000
Vehicle Type
  • Sedan

Ext. Color: Black
Int. Color: Tan

Description: Car is in very good condition Runs and drives like a Bentley should. Cup holder is broken Trunk Lid Shock is week but the trunk will stay open on its own. Will trade for motor home with plus or minus cash depending on value and condition of motor home. will also take cash contact me at rstewart.hd54@gmail.com

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