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Land for sale or trade Land for sale or trade > Colorado > Willard > Zip: 80751

Active ID: 18338 80+ lots in ghost town in NE CO

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exchange for this stateColorado > 80751

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Multifamily or Commercial Multifamily or Commercial

multi-family rental properties

Value: $170,000
Total loans: $0
City: Willard
State or Country: Colorado
Zip: 80751

Location features
  • Rural

Description: 80 + lots in ghost town in NE CO. 20 minutes from county seat w/all amenities. 40+ lots are contiguous. Zoned residential/agricultural. If follow guidelines of IBC 2006, can construct straw bale, rammed earth, hempcrete, modular, tiny homes etc. Water available. Lots range in varying size, have 40 lots contiguous that total 3.4 acres.

Swap Type:

I own free and clear I own free and clear

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