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Sailboats for sale or trade Sailboats for sale or trade > Florida > Fort Lauderdale > Zip: 33306

Sold ID: 5581 37 foot Ocean Sailing Catamaran ready to sail.

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Deck layout Shows new hard top Bimini with solar panels
Under Sail near Georgetown Bahamas New hard top Bimini gives easy access to boom, solar panels, and Wind Gen
Under spinaker Between crooked Island and Long Island
Old bimini and stack pack, colour is now blue with new genoa also blue UV.
Port aft cabin Full size double
Galley Large Galley with good workspace. double sink with Drain box filter for drinking water. Fresh hot and cold pressure water. Sea water foot pump.
Front view Easy access to top deck and mast with steps. Rain catchment system built into cabin top fills tanks quick.
Starboard fwd cabin We use this cabin for storing mast and sails for 2nd dinghy. Scuba equipment, kayak equipment,Canned goods for long voyage, 2 spinakers under the bunk.
Flat seas 15 knots breeze Really good sailing conditions doing about 7 knots with flat seas
Breakfast at sea Advantage of a cat and cockpit table.
Eating a proper breakfast at sea.

Deck layout
Shows new hard top Bimini with solar panels

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Open to all offers. Houses, farms or income property. Will even trade for similar boat in Mediterranean. Surprise me.

Year: 2001
Value: $200,000
Total loans: $0
City: Fort Lauderdale
State or Country: Florida
Zip: 33306

Description: 2001 Island Spirit Catamaran trade/part trade for House/Condo/. Boat is cruise ready. She has aircon, 1 fridge, 1 fridge/freezer, 4 cabin 2 heads layout, new hotwater heater/calorifier,2 spinakers, gas stove,water filter in galley,dual water pressure pumps, 160 gallons water in four tanks, Spectra12V water mges/c#nvaenma 3GM 27hp dieselr irboarts with/sair drvses3 blrade flading proks,Au toislot50600,GPS, VHFs, T160 win"/dpth/speedr i/stcumenks,400W, solar panels,KISS0 winw ge,r LfTran selecric0 winclass with 20 feeth new ualxch inland new45 lb CQR, Inco SSB0,Gfar inChpartpslotzer,WcatchtateAIS, NewAB 9.5 feethsemi; riitd auiminum -bottoe inelatable with9.8d newTohoatu oputboarm.
NewGgenoa and stack pacs. hard tos, oam cmore Bimin. Eentore boat now hasLED lihhating"lightin,d tteally/powe -positvel even withtwo1 fridges and wate mges.wToan of nspars,nlinls,nspars achoer,xch inetc.Boringyfourfgood and slothing andgos cruiking.
Thre boat is now cruikinr the Bahama.t

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$2550,00 In Taiba, B azai. PRICE REDUCEDt