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FOR SALE OR TRADE: Pico island, Azores: house with apartment on multiple acreage with spectacular v

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Price: $1.00
Address: Estrada Regional
City: Santa Luzia do Pico, Azores
State: Portugal
Beds: 6
Baths: 2
Year Built: 1750-2016Garage Size:
Square Feet: 3000
Lot Size: 5

Will swap for: Business||Multifamily or Commercial||Residential

House with land or a farm, anywhere in the European Union and Japan only. The more land the better. Beautiful views is a plus. Azores are Europe's last paradise with year-round temperatures +13C to +29C! Don't miss this chance.

Condominium (apartment) or townhouse may be considered. No yachts or houseboats or cars. Cars can be offered only in addition to immovable property. Will consider a rare and advanced collection as a whole or part of the swap.

Also will consider a multi-year rent contract on an apartment, condo, house in a great location with spectacular views.

Located in: Austria||Belgium||Bulgaria||China||Croatia||Cyprus||Czech Republic||Denmark||France||Germany||Greece||Hungary||Ireland||Italy||Japan||Lithuania||Luxembourg||Malta||Monaco||Netherlands||Norway||Poland||Portugal||Romania||Slovak Republic||Slovenia||South Africa||Spain||Sweden||Ukraine||United Kingdom||Yugoslavia >

Full Description:
Designer traditional house with basement apartment on 2 beautiful flat terraced hectares (5 acres) of land with spectacular views of Pico volcano, Atlantic Ocean, São Jorge and Faial islands, with garage and many traditional stone walls. Electrical upgrades and new socket additions are done, new traditional stone garage and the second floor are finished, only wood railings remain to install for the stairs, one more bathroom and another laundry can be added in the basement, but are optional). New (2nd) septic tank and cook out areas with water feature and more. Fast internet, TV and telephone line. Includes most furniture. All or most land is (terraced) flat on about 4 to 6 different levels. Around the island bus stops right in front of this house.

You can see many more photos here (photos are always lagging behind the improvements):

There's been more landscaping and concrete stairs and walkway made around the house. Bananas, orange, lemon, avocado, plum, kumquat etc trees planted. Kitchen has been completely remodeled and the ceiling was completely replaced. Too many new features to remember and to mention.

There are no predators, no snakes, no poisonous spiders and no mosquitoes on the island. Year round (including "winter" nights) climate is 10C to 29C (50F to 85F) with most prevalent temps in the 60s and 70s Fahrenheit (16C to 24C).

Direct flights to Lisbon are available from the airport that is 3 km away from the house.

Direct non-stop return flights from Pico island to Amsterdam (Netherlands) are available April through September with TUI Dutch airlines.

Shopping: 9 km to Madalena (west direction) and 7 km to São Roque (east direction). There is a small grocery and home ware store ~200 metres from the house.

Officially listed land is 1,3 hectares and another 0,7 ha must be recorded, which can be done upon request, but belongs to the property from old times. Total land is 2 hectares or 20000 m2. About half of the land is cleared and flat (in large levels).

Two volcanic caves are available on the property, to be explored. No lava, of course and no danger. There is no volcanic activity on Pico.

Unfinished large 3 unit car workshop is on the upper terrace with magnificent ocean views. Lots of rich soil. Possibility to build more houses on the upper levels.

The property value is not named and is a matter of negotiation. Therefore it is listed at €1. MAKE AN OFFER!

It's a spectacular place! Azores are Europe's last paradise! Don't miss this chance.

Remark: I am not desperate or in a rush to move somewhere else, but I like to move around different interesting places from time to time. Something enjoyable can be a different property or even an interesting and unique collection.

You can see many more photos here (photos are always lagging behind the improvements):

Info on Pico island:


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