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Price: $1.00
Address: Lote 53, QdF, Rua Itanhandu, Marica
City: Ponta Negra, Marica, Rio De Janeiro
State: Brazil
Neighborhood: No
Beds: 5
Baths: 5
Year Built: 2002Garage Size:
Square Feet: 3500
Lot Size: .4

Will swap for: Business||Multifamily or Commercial||Residential||Yacht

All offers, except for undeveloped land,will be considered and I will reply if you provide your contact information. Also, provide basic information such as Annual Property Tax amount and monthly operating costs including utilities and any local area fees of any and all kinds, please. I will reply in turn with any requested information for you. Three way swaps will also be considered. Thank you for your interest in Casa Da Vista ! please contact me at : casadavista at out look dot com .
Located in: Any State >

Full Description:
Casa Da Vista lies on top of a small mountain overlooking the quaint fishing / tourist village of Ponta Negra, Marica,Rio De Janeiro, Brazil and the seemingly endless and beautiful beach in this South Atlantic Ocean location....... Comprised of two separate houses with the larger house often rented out as a world class vacation rental,Casa Da Vista offers comfort and class.

Casa da Vista (the house with the view !) is nothing short of an adventure in and of itself. The surrounding Ponta Negra terrain is absolutely astounding and coupled with magnificent sunsets there are not many other places on the planet that can compare. This is where the Atlantic Ocean meets the beautiful, terraced mountains and lagoons of Brazil. Casa da Vista truly offers a bird's eye view of the entire area with immediate access to numerous mountain trails, including great fishing spots!

Comfort, convenience, tranquility and privacy in this remote location makes life at Casa Da Vista a wonderful experience. The home is built of sturdy concrete and solid wood upper decking for the balcony. Clay tiles adorn the roofs of all of the Casa Da Vista structures. The wooden veranda ceiling, inside staircase and much of the interior décor is warm, polished wood. Underneath the staircase and fronting the American style kitchen are handsome, hand cut stone walls bringing the Great Room to life.

With three bedrooms, four bathrooms with showers, a full kitchen/ great room with TV, movies ,music playback, wifi / internet connection,and large BBQ Grill with Pizza Oven on the pool deck, you will have all of the modern conveniences while being housed in style and surrounded by a magnificent natural environment.Coconut and banana trees surround the outside walls with a large acerola tree inside the courtyard. Coconuts, bananas and acerola are available right off the trees ! Casa Da Vista has received only 5-Star ratings from each and every rental client for many years now.

Please let me emphasize there are two separate homes offered here and included in the trade ! In the second two-story home there is one bathroom with shower, studio apartment with kitchen along with a large upper story with yet again a fabulous view of the area that can be used for another bedroom or whatever purposes you may wish.Currently, it is my bedroom and practice rea for my musical instruments. It has been completely renovated recently.Come and enjoy a great home that is also a self-sustaining business.Contact me at for more information.

The "$1" amount is in the value of the property because I want to encourage anyone with interest to contact me and not be "scared off" by a number. Obviously, the property and unique location can be considered a valuable prize but I am not here to cash in unless that is my only and final option.. This is a trading site and I hope to maintain an adventurous excitement for myself and some other lucky person.... maybe you ? ! Let's both be winners !

I'm Steve Nichols at casadavista at out look dot com and possibly you and I can negotiate a mutually beneficial trade as I am now retired and enjoy discovering new places and experiencing different cultures. Your adventure awaits here at Casa Da Vista in Ponta Negra, Marica, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil !

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