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FOR SALE OR TRADE: $162k profit first 3 months plus $1M Receivables

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Price: $469,800.00
City: Edmonton
State: Alberta
Year Built: Garage Size:
Square Feet:
Lot Size:

Will swap for:

I will trade for your services in creating an action plan and resources to combat serious injustices to Canadian families and children. Your key attributes here are strong oral and written skills, tenacity and the ability to be assertive. I DO NOT REQUIRE ANY OTHER CASH OR PROPERTY, THIS IS THAT IMPORTANT TO ME.

If you can get things done, follow up and achieve results, you will create your own unlimited future with the Joint Venture Co-Op Program.
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Full Description:
This business can be operated anywhere. It has an 80% profit margin and the business plan will give you complete details, although I am available to assist you to reach those numbers more quickly for a commission. This business is hot, humanitarian, lucrative and rewarding. It has been developed and implemented over decades.

Your key (only) skills required are the ability to create win-win performance agreements, hold people accountable and handle large transactions and monthly expense payouts in a Joint Venture Co-Op Program.

The business plan reflects the accumulation of multiple project data and is ready for launch in your area, rural or urban.

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