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FOR SALE OR TRADE: Deluxe home on wheels that pays for itself for?

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Price: $108,000.00
City: Bow
State: New Hampshire
Year Built: Garage Size:
Square Feet:
Lot Size:

Will swap for: Everything Else||Sailboat||Transportation||Yacht

Cars, Antiques, Trucks, Trikes, Boats, Older NO Slides Diesel Pusher, VW Westy, UP TO $20K IN TRADE AS DOWN
Located in: >

Full Description:
ASKING $83k for below $108k plus 3 slide Aspect 30 with 3 slides and recent warranty.

I use Northeast RV Rental company (Saddleback CG, 41 Campground Rd, RT 43, Northwood, NH 03103) to lease and store my RV year round when I am not using it... Rents out at $295 a night with a 3 night minimum. If you are thinking about this "deal", you can rent out the Aspect first and if we do the deal 50% of your rental will be returned! Last 3 "just" summers the leases totaled about $36k. It now leases year round and expect to be "over" 100 rental nights in 2017?

Contact Northeast RV Rentals, LLC | Motorhome Rental

Added photos and interior views at this web site or E-MAIL me for added details!

The RENTALS pay your yearly loan and DOUBLES that figure! Thus you basically have a deluxe RV for FREE with added income! Plus you get to use it when you want for your vacations with a reservation! Loans thru Essex Credit, Bank of the West, at about 4% for 15 years.

NADA with the $30k in options and warranty put the value over $118k. I paid $135k when new at a 20 year note for 5.5%. If I do not sell or trade the unit this year, my plan is to take the remaining lease profits and just pay off the RV (probably in less then 5 years). I would like to get "out" from under the remaining note, due to a recent loss of income. That is why I have made you this offer?!

This RV has less then average mileage on it and with the "in Motion Satellite King Dome" you have your favorite TV channels even while driving all over the USA. Every factory option has been added then:
I have added:

Queen Sleep by Number dual control mattress custom installed at $1500

Autoformer/Surge protector 30 amp $400

Add a room for awning at $650

5 year deluxe Good Sam warranty till Summer 2017 included.

3rd Valve for deluxe sewer system at $350

Sorry way TOO much to list!

Sorry I took up your time if NOT of any interest. If you found it at least amusing, pass it on to a friend. There is a FINDERS FEE of $1,000 on the RV lease sale?


Rick Smith

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