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FOR SALE OR TRADE: 10 Unit money making Multi-family for airplane

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Price: $390,000.00
City: Albuquerque
State: New Mexico
Year Built: Garage Size:
Square Feet: 5868
Lot Size: .3

Will swap for: Aircraft

Single piston engine IFR capable airplane. Tell me what you have. Should be reasonably close in value to the equity listed in the apartment description.
Located in: >

Full Description:
This is a 10 unit apartment complex with a laundry room in Albuquerque, NM. In 2014 the complex was purchased and rehabilitated. It has new windows and interiors along with exterior paint and stucco. The post rehab appraisal came in at $390,000. Currently I have a $256,805 mortgage that I am willing to wrap for one year with a trade as a down payment that will cover the $133,000 in equity. I can send the appraisal and financials preliminary upon acceptance of an offer.

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