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FOR SALE OR TRADE: two houses with 3 rentals and San Diego views

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Price: $750,000.00
Address: available.
City: San Diego
State: California
Year Built: 2007Garage Size:
Square Feet: 3200
Lot Size: 75

Will swap for: Business||Residential

Small agricultural land with a home in Texas or Oklahoma
Located in: Texas >

Full Description:
Lovely 3/4 acre lot with two separate homes and a great view. There are 3 rentals which rent for 5,000 per month.
We rent to Navy and who give us no problems and no vacancy problem. The houses have lots of 3/4" thick granite and new appliances. The second story unit is custom built 9 years ago and is suitable for an owner couple. One home is 1200 feet and the two story is 2,000 feet with an 800 foot rap around view deck. The yards are dog friendly and extensively landscaped with several patios (granite and redwood) and 200+- feet of granite walkway. There is a small orchard and abundant trees. There are no garages. Both homes have solar energy panels. The neighborhood is middle class. The three units rent for $5,000+

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