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FOR SALE OR TRADE: Love to Travel - Web based travel business - Operate from anywhere in the World

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Price: $100,000.00
Address: Redway Drive
City: Redway
State: California
Year Built: Garage Size:
Square Feet:
Lot Size:

Will swap for: Everything Else||Land||Multifamily or Commercial||Residential||Transportation

We are looking for an interesting trade. Investment properties are a priority, but will consider land, transportation, gold, silver... surprise us! :)
Located in: Any State >

Full Description:
Love to travel - this just may be the business for you.
LarkTours / River Discounts is a web based (no brick and mortar) business that is as fun to operate as it is lucrative. Your personal travel is just part of doing business. So why not visit Paris, cruise the Danube or safari in Africa? Why not go to all these places and more and have the hotels and guides make you their guests for free?
I have not personally operated the business in several years. My daughter has done all the day to day operations, but now she is expecting her second child and I just need to let someone else take on this exciting challenge.

The business has made as little as $35k in a year and as much as $300k. What you make will be a direct result of how much time, energy and effort you want to give it. The demand is there for high-end travel and the world awaits.

There is no experience necessary - I can teach you all you need to know about the day to day operations in about a week's worth of training. The rest you can travel yourself to pick up. This is a home based business that you can run from anywhere you have an internet connection. The webpage is established and the customer base is loyal. Check us out online at either
. or
You can email any questions to: or text me at 704.301.5277

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