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FOR SALE OR TRADE: $24,900 Secured Note For Swap

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Price: $24,900.00
City: Kansas City
State: Kansas
Year Built: Garage Size:
Square Feet:
Lot Size:

Will swap for: Transportation

2012 or newer Toyota Prius electric with no accidents nor water damage.
Located in: >

Full Description:
$24,900 Secured Note against a remodeled mobile home in a mobile home park in Kansas CIty, Kansas with payments of $237.81 bearing 7.99% interest payable monthly over 180 months beginning 8/1/2017.

Can adds:

$6,000 value in three 1/4 acre lots in Co and three 1/4 acre lots in New Mexico posted in GoSwap as ID 17891.

$12,000 project 1988 Volvo 740 GLE Station Wagon posted in GoSwap as ID 17903.

The total value of all the above assets is $42,900.

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