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FOR SALE OR TRADE: Guanacaste Mountain Farm- Public Road- Ready to Build

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Price: $120,000.00
Address: Guanacaste
City: Las Juntas De Abangares
State: Costa Rica
Year Built: Garage Size:
Square Feet:
Lot Size: 20

Will swap for: Business||Residential||Sailboat||Yacht

open to all offers, I can carry some paper. Call me (702) 582-9414 or (702) 762-2696.
I have many in Costa Rica and am settling into just one. Three are for sale/ trade. All prices are true value, but for those of you who are still holding cash (Federal Reserve Notes) I may be entertaining discounts this season while the U.S. Dollar is still strong. You will be amazed at the beauty of this property.. I have friends , contacts to help in viewing properties and several lawyers you can choose from .

I am interested in properties in Southern Utah or Nevada.

Do you have something interesting such as sailboat, gold mining equipment or claims, try me.
Construction equipment, Bobcat, skid steer, dump truck, cement mixer truck, gold mining equipment, gold claims, Southern Utah land, RV or car/ truck.

I have several properties in Costa Rica, too many for one person. I will look at all offers. Not interested in taking on debt. I have little cash so trading up may be difficult/ trading down with cash will be attractive to me.

So come join me in Costa Rica and start your new life I'm Steve White and I'm at .
This parcel has been listed with local real estate agents *&%%!#{ $119,000 . That's $6k per acre, and many similar properties on public roads are much higher priced.
Located in: Arizona||Hawaii||New Mexico||Texas||Costa Rica >

Full Description:
20 acres in the hills above Gulf of Nicoya. Above town of Las Juntas. On a public road, close to town, graded drives . 2 creeks and springs on site. Power nearby.
This is on the road to Monte Verde, about 1 km off the main road. Lots of trees, but has been used as a cattle ranch. Four very nice building sites have graded with driveways, a gate and fully fenced. Could easily be divided.

A Note; This property is not "flat"! It has spectacular views of the Gulf of Nicoya because the parcel is located on the hillside at about 650 meters elevation. This land is not flat. While it can easily be walked from the entrance gate at the top to the lower levels of the tree lines. Probably about 1/2 of the parcel would be considered unusable because of the old growth of trees, the 2 creeks and portions that are too steep for development.
However all the "flat" areas can be utilized as we have had drives and building pads developed.
I use the term "flat" cautiously. There may be few areas in all Costa Rica that fits my understanding of "flat". As you travel away from the hills toward the beach the land of course becomes flatter at the lower elevations. Also remember the weather becomes more sultry with fewer cool breezes and the views may be of only the bushes and surrounding trees.
Each piece of real estate is unique to itself. There are advantages to living in the hills that are different to the advantages of being down nearer the beach.I mention this not to try to convince anyone to choose living in the mountains, but rather to help you understand and to better prepare you for a trip to view properties.
There are many choices in Costa Rica.

I would categorize them in 3 groups.
1. San Jose Valley- An excellent choice for those who enjoy a more cosmopolitan lifestyle. Prices haven't been cheap for a while. You will never have privacy / security unless you opt for higher end like a gated complex. You will have the convenience of all modern services, hospitals, shopping, theater, dining etc.
2. The Beach Towns- The most beautiful, clean beaches in the world. Most of the towns are trying to be a Gringo version of a beach town, small hotels with a mix of restaurants and beer bars to cater to North Americans.
There is crime, but usually just property crime (never leave a bag or camera on your car seat). Violent crime is not part of the culture as it may be in Bahamas or Acapulco. Most violent crime would be limited to fights between the locals in their neighborhood.
The plus side of beach living is the number of expats and vacationers. Many beach towns appear to be 70% North Americans. You will forever be meeting new people and making friends while at the beach. Most Ticos have moved out because of the huge price increases of past years. Many have just relocated nearby and commute to town because this is where the jobs are.
3. The 3rd category is living in the mountains or rural farming areas. This is the choice I made. As you travel around Costa Rica take notice of the iron security bars and property fencing that you will see on homes and businesses. As you get closer to the beach the bars are more prevalent and the fencing becomes higher. Driving into Puntarenas for example there is a long stretch of homes along the road that would be facing the water coming into town. The fences have always been high 8 to 11 feet but lately you will see many with a topping of security razor wire. As you drive away from the towns into the country and especially the mountains you often will see no bars or fencing. If there is no threat there is no need.
Where I am in Bocana I often leave for days or weeks and have never had anything taken from around my property.
Living in the country has the downside of being somewhat isolated. This is why I chose locations that while being remote, access to main roads, small stores or towns are close.

Contact me at or (702) 582-9414 (GooglePhone) or (702) 762-2896. This website has a couple pages devoted to this property and the area / town of Las Juntas
10 min to Las Juntas, 20 min to Tampesque Bridge to Guanacaste, 50 min to Liberia area. 1 hr to Tilaran, 2 hr to Monte Verde (because the road is very slow). Very friendly safe area. The most hospitable area of all Costa Rica.
Views of Puntarenas lites at nite, and the Gulf Islands and Guanacaste beyond.
Great for a retreat, farm, or developing as a hotel resort.

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