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FOR SALE OR TRADE: Costa Rica Perfect Hideaway For Homesteaders and Tree Lovers!!

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Price: $112,000.00
Address: San Jose
City: Salitralis
State: Costa Rica
Year Built: Garage Size:
Square Feet:
Lot Size: 20

Will swap for: Everything Else||Residential||Sailboat||Yacht

open to all offers,

Construction equipment, Bobcat, skid steer, dump truck, cement mixer truck, gold mining equipment, gold claims, Southern Utah land, RV or car/ truck.

I have several properties in Costa Rica, too many for one person. I will look at all offers. Not interested in taking on debt.

I can finance or will lease to a family or an organic farming group. Call me (702) 582-9414 or (702) 415-5779 or find me at and then email me.
Located in: Arizona||Colorado||New Mexico||Oklahoma||Texas >

Full Description:
This 55 acres is 2 kilometers off Hwy 239 *&%%!#{ Salitralis. It is at the end of a public road and sits on top of the Tulin River. Rio Tulin this high toward the source is usually only deep during October and you can cross by foot to the other side. There is no power all the way down but there is about 1/2 k up the road. There are springs , the River, a stream inside a old growth forest with a couple small waterfalls. Building sites galore and views of forever and the oceans below.
A real special place hidden in the mountains, but surprisingly close to the main Hwy 239 (search and you will find) halfway from Santiago De Puriscal and Playa Parrita. I does sit on a public road, but one portion of the last 400 yds needs repair/ paving and is good for quads and motorbikes only, or 4 wheel dr. It could be easily repaired, but there are no houses at the end so no need.
Building sites on both sides of Rio Tulin, but more acreage on far side. A bridge could be constructed for full access.
I am licensed agent in Nevada. Interested in any house/ condo in Costa Rica and any land/ house in Hawaii. Call me at (702) 582-3414 or (702) 415-5779 or find me at and then email me.

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