Wanted specific items:

swap_for_descEquity Partnership with Terra Coral LLC $60,000 investment in newer foreclosed homes - 25% return Purchase a foreclosure property at way below market price $60K We rehab and sell for us at $100,000 well below replacement value $128,000 You have just invested $60,000. You get $80,000 1st mortgage. We do all the work!!! 1) Investment guaranteed by 1st position mortgage for $80,000, guaranty interest income 8.5% 2) Terra Corral LLC co signs on the loan to qualified owner occupied buyer, seller financing 3) Terra Coral LLC guaranties all payments 4) Buyers have skin in the game 10 to 20 % down 5) We do all the work!! This is a complete passive and transparent investment. All monies are handled by the title company and all payments are set up on auto pay through the buyers bank. Third party licensed inspections to make sure there are no unforeseen problems. 6) Unlike stocks or other investments, this is a house in beautiful SW Florida. You can see it, touch it, and feel it. It is easily worth 50% more than your $60,000 investment immediately 3712 N. E, Cape Coral, Fl- beautiful 3 bed den 2 bath 2 car garage, 1500 sq ft under air, built 2005 concrete block construction, vaulted ceilings, screened in lanai, 30 minute to the beach. Valuation: 5 comparables house have sold in the last year, within a mile, for price ranging from $84,900 to $124,000. Independent licensed appraiser shows replacement value at $124,000 Equity partnership structure: Equity partner provides 60K and receives a 80K mortgage at 8.5% interest 30 year amortization, with 3 yr balloon Terra coral LLC will rehab and sell home to a qualified owner occupied buyer with seller financing Terra Coral LLC guaranties payments at 8.5% Title Company handles the money Terra Coral never handles the money everything is on auto pay and is transparent. The faster Terra Coral can refinance the home owner out into traditional mortgages the higher the yield to the investor