Wanted specific items:

swap_for_desc We are now seeking a suitable, Free and Clear home with a value up to $415,000. If your home is valued less than ours, we can negotiable some cash back to us for moving expense money NOTE: We ask that you have an appraisal that is dated July, 2010 or more current. WE CAN ALSO DO AN EVEN TRADE FOR A HOME, SIMILIAR TO OUR VALUE. WE ARE VERY FLEXIBLE. ALSO, IF YOUR HOME IS LESS THAN OUR VALUE, WE MIGHT BE ABLE TO TAKE A 1ST TRUST DEED FOR THE DIFFERENCE - AS WE OWN THE PROPERTY FREE AND CLEAR. WE ARE OPEN TO ALL REASONABLE OFFERS IN THE CRITERIA WE MENTIONED. ALL SERIOUS TRADE PROPOSALS WILL BE RESPONDED TO IN A TIMELY MANNER. A 2,800 plus square foot home OR Farm House on 2 or more acres. Home must be mostly level. The age of the home is NOT important. We like all styles of homes. Home must be well maintained. Outside City Limits. Must have a large garage and an outbuilding (like 2nd garage, barn or shop. Home must be in a pleasant setting with good landscaping and trees. We would like home to NOT be in a sub-division. Our goal is to work with local Humane Society to foster 1 dog at a time and to find them a home, so an unrestricted area would be great. We also have a Fully Furnished, 2 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom, Log-Sided Cabin on 2 (one plus) acres lots = 2.06 acres. Market Value is $ 169,500 - which is tax value plus the furnishings. Our Equity if $ 49,500. Loan Balance on cabin is $120,000. We want to trade the equity in the cabin for a nice piece of land in any state. Free and Clear value up to $50,000. Buyer must pay off $120,000 loan with cash or new loan. We can consider LEASE WITH OPTION TO BUY loan. Also, we can trade the equity in the cabin and our Free and Clear Georgia home for a home valued up to $450,000 in todays prices. VIEW LISTING ID # 12140 FOR INFORMATION AND DETAILS ON THE MURPHY, NORTH CAROLINA CABIN. SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY: We will be happy to mail you information on our home. It is best to contact us personally by mail or phone.
swap_for_descEquity Partnership with Terra Coral LLC $60,000 investment in newer foreclosed homes - 25% return Purchase a foreclosure property at way below market price $60K We rehab and sell for us at $100,000 well below replacement value $128,000 You have just invested $60,000. You get $80,000 1st mortgage. We do all the work!!! 1) Investment guaranteed by 1st position mortgage for $80,000, guaranty interest income 8.5% 2) Terra Corral LLC co signs on the loan to qualified owner occupied buyer, seller financing 3) Terra Coral LLC guaranties all payments 4) Buyers have skin in the game 10 to 20 % down 5) We do all the work!! This is a complete passive and transparent investment. All monies are handled by the title company and all payments are set up on auto pay through the buyers bank. Third party licensed inspections to make sure there are no unforeseen problems. 6) Unlike stocks or other investments, this is a house in beautiful SW Florida. You can see it, touch it, and feel it. It is easily worth 50% more than your $60,000 investment immediately 3712 N. E, Cape Coral, Fl- beautiful 3 bed den 2 bath 2 car garage, 1500 sq ft under air, built 2005 concrete block construction, vaulted ceilings, screened in lanai, 30 minute to the beach. Valuation: 5 comparables house have sold in the last year, within a mile, for price ranging from $84,900 to $124,000. Independent licensed appraiser shows replacement value at $124,000 Equity partnership structure: Equity partner provides 60K and receives a 80K mortgage at 8.5% interest 30 year amortization, with 3 yr balloon Terra coral LLC will rehab and sell home to a qualified owner occupied buyer with seller financing Terra Coral LLC guaranties payments at 8.5% Title Company handles the money Terra Coral never handles the money everything is on auto pay and is transparent. The faster Terra Coral can refinance the home owner out into traditional mortgages the higher the yield to the investor
swap_for_descI AM SERIOUS ABOUT TRADING (SWAP). It has to be a house on acreage (separate house, farm house, town house, village house, ranch house, city house, villa, you name it. It can not be just land, although in certain cases if we trade your land to my house on 0.91 acres but if you pay the $70000 for my 11 acres I may be able to trade my house to your land while using the $70000 to build something livable on that land. While I prefer to remain a homeowner, I will consider a condominium-apartment or a small business with living quarters. Something that you or we both gain from. It has to be in the abovementioned European countries, US states or Japan. Best location in Japan would be around Hiroshima or Kyushyu, perhaps Suo-Oshima, Shikoku or similar. In Europe, my preference is Southern Europe in a small town, village where electricity, water and phone-internet are available where I could work from home and do gardening. It can also be a city, medium or larger. My preference of countries, states, cities or areas top to bottom: Portugal (including Azores and Madeira), France (including Reunion, New Caledonia, Corsica), Spain (including Islas Canarias etc.), Sicily, Belgium, Germany, Japan (Southern parts), India, California, Hawaii, Guam, Chicago, NYC and then the rest of Europe. I would also consider South Africa, Namibia, Thailand, Ireland, UK. Max. swap value is how high you are willing to go without money involved (other than we pay our own closing costs unless special deal is made). Same applies to minimal swap value, I may go below my $270000 if I really like your property and if you can not afford to pay any extra money, I may lose some just to make the deal and I hope that you will so as well, if such deal arises. THREE WAY SWAP REMARK: In case of a three way swap I will also swap for a house or a farm in Texas or Oklahoma (I know someone who wants it and has got something for me that I want), which means someone else will get Texas/OK property and I will get the overseas property and someone from Texas/OK will get my SC property. It's called a three way swap and it sometimes helps things move so much faster. 1-4-1 TRADES ARE WELCOME! NO CASH!
swap_for_descInterested in a possible permanent trade? We are creative, out-of-the-box thinkers and so a variety of possibilities exist for a trade of this home. (1) We are most interested in Florida (anywhere) but would also consider southern Georgia as a distant second. We prefer a home in the country where we could have horses and would really like a minimum of 10 acres, but would prefer 20+. (2) Alternatively, we would consider a home with acreage on St. Croix in the US Virgin Islands (no other VI location, sorry). We used to live on St. Croix, have family moving there, and would love to retire there someday. (3) Same thing as #2 above, but in Belize. We are partial to waterfront properties in the Corozal area, but we would consider any property anywhere in Belize if it is the right opportunity. For now, any trade we did would have to be something that could provide us with an income in the meantime since we are not ready to retire yet. We are not interested in any other countries. Two important notes: (a) Our house in NC is paid in full and we will not take on a mortgage of any kind - no exceptions. However, if you have a small resort or something that is earning an income, we could work out a percentage of the profit for a set period of time if there is a price difference between our properties. (b) We are not interested in anything other than real estate that has either a home or a resort or farm business on it; no raw land UNLESS you are willing to pay the difference between your land price and our house price so that we can build something when we are ready. No planes, boats, precious stones, artwork, etc. - while interesting, those are just not what we are looking for. We are ready to make a deal - what about you? You can reach us at islandestate4sale@yahoo.com or at 803-416-7062.