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Introducing Public Swap Proposals -- All listings can now have blogs and comments


  • Extend 3-way swap possibilities
  • Get notified when others propose a swap
  • Seller gets 2 records of your proposal: email and public message
  • Your contact info is not shared publicly
  • Link your existing listing

Advantages of Public Swap Proposals:

GoSwap.org now offers an option for all registered users to post a swap proposal, comment, or question about a listing in a blog-like format. Registration is FREE and users are not required to have a listing (although GoSwap.org listings are prefereed as they are linked to the proposal). Public swap porposals appear just below listing description. Sellers and prior subscribers to listing's proposals get an email notiffication for any new public swap proposals. The listings stay intact. Public swap proposals is just another contact feature available for each listing.


  • Since posts will be visible to all website visitors, sellers may realize potential 3-way trading options. Here's how this may be possible: suppose a visitor John posted a public swap proposal for your listing, but not exactly meeting your swap criteria. Well, other swappers maybe interested in John's property. So let's say Sue posts a comment on your listing revealing the interest for John's property, which creates a possible scenario for a 3-way swap if you are interested in what Sue has to offer.
  • From the search engine stand point, listings with frequent comments and updates will rank higher in the search engines, which will bring additional listing enquiries.
  • Sellers will have an organized hierarchy of the swap proposals below the listing in addition to the copies emailed each time a new public proposal is posted.
  • Each time a new comment is posted, the subject listing will appear on GoSwap.org Latest Comments page and the hottest listings will be included in Movers and Shakers as the most commented properties.
  • Listing owners are also encouraged to respond to swap proposals publicly, which will reduce the amount of redundant messages they have to type and provide future visitors with additional details of what exactly an owner is looking to do.
As mentioned, sellers can also use the comment system as a listing blog by posting any new swap ideas, listing updates, additional listing resource links, etc. directly into the comments area. All listing subscribers will automatically receive email notifies of the new comments.

From time to time we will be offering free listing upgrades for most commented listing owners as judged by the quality of the responses and the number of total comments.

Other User Advantages

Visitors will have additional benefits of proposing a swap publicly as opposed to sending a private email.


  • Public swap proposals cannot be removed easily, so include any sensitive info at your own risk!
  • GoSwap.org is not responsible for any damage caused by the exposure of any private information submitted by the users themselves. Users are advised to resort to Private Swap Proposals when relaying sensitive information.
  • Please use Report abuse link next to the comment to alert us and to delete a comment.
  • For one, visitors can include a link to their GoSwap.org listing or any other link with property details.
  • Public swap proposals allow for 3-way swaps so that seller A can swap with B, B with C, while C with A. Users will stay updated when someone else posts a swap proposal for the subject property.
  • Our public swap proposal system is completely secure and almost 100% spam proof as it does not allow frequent repetitive messages and other spam technics.
A lot of programming work has gone into these new features with the hope to dramatically increase user interaction.
So, click on any listing and start blogging!

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