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Homes for sale or trade Homes for sale or trade > Oregon > Pacific City >

Traded ID: 10094 Income Producing Beach Home For Your Oregon Lot/Land

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no photo

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Max. Swap Value: $100,000
Swap For Location(s):

exchange for this stateOregon > North Oregon Coast, Westside Portland, Bend

Will swap for:

Land Land

Looking for a lot on the Northern Oregon Coast, Washington County, or the Bend area up to $100,000

Value: $287,000
Bedrooms: 2
Baths: 2.5
Year Built: 2006
City: Pacific City
State or Country: Oregon
Type: Single-family

Location features
  • Beach

Description: For Sale/Trade
Custom 1,200sf home built in 2006. Outstanding vacation rental ($18k+/2010) professinally managed by local Pacific City Company. Check the reviews on this home by people who have actually stayed their at http://www.flipkey.com/properties/view/118371/168+dutch+harbor/
The home will be sold/traded fully furnished and ready to enjoy. Located only 2 blocks from the BEACH and the Pelican Pub. At $287,000 this home is priced $102k less than any other house in the area.
Will consider a partial trade for a lot in Pacific City, Washington County, or the Bend area up to $100k
Ryan 503.784.2371

Swap Type:

downsizing downsizing

public swap proposal

Contact owner ..name hidden..    view profile

If no phone number is listed then seller decided not to disclose this information. Please email seller via the public or private swap proposal tools below.
Public & 3-way Swap Proposals: (1)add
Trade proposal by: tracey > my listing #...
April 23, 2011
will consider trading just one lot.
[listing . . . details and pictures]
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