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Multifamily or Commercial for sale or trade Multifamily or Commercial for sale or trade > Panama > Panama >

Active featured ID: 11175 Beautiful Resort in Tropical Panama

Social Area
Classic Rock Bar
Two bedroom House in Panama Resort for sale
Living/Kitchen One bedroom house in Panama Resort for sale
One Bedroom house in Panama Resort for sale
One bedroom House
Two Bedroom House
Social Area
Master Bedoom with Ensuite and Walkin
Social Area
Floor Plan One Bedroom
Floor Plan Level 2 Two Bedroom
Floor Plan Level 1 Two Bedroom
Social Area
Two Bedroom House
One Bedroom House
Two Bedroom House

Social Area

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exchange for this stateCanada, Panama > Ontario, Panama

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Land Land
Multifamily or Commercial Multifamily or Commercial
Residential Residential

Commercial property or multi-residential unit in Ontario, Canada or condos in the city of Panama, Panama. will consider trades out of Florida or three way trade.

Value: $1,200,000
Total loans: $0
Year Built: 2009
Square Feet: 137,500
Lot/Acreage Size (in acres): 3
City: Panama
State or Country: Panama

Location features
  • Beach,
  • Golf,
  • Modern,
  • Mountains,
  • Rural

Description: We have a resort in Panama that we are interested in selling. The property is valued at $1,200,000. There are 10 homes already built on the property. Two of these homes come with the purchase price. The other 8 are sold and in the rental program.

There are two options for further development on this property.
1.Lots for another 20 homes to be built which can be kept and rented out for a rental income or sold.
2.Lots for another 8 homes and property for 48 motel units consisting of four buildings 3 storeys high with 12 units in each building.
More info and pics at http://www.panamaresortforsale.com

There is also a social area existing including a Classic Rock bar and restaurant, Pool, gym and five commercial shops. The potential to make more than double on the investment is good. There is room for another 6 poolside units. We would also consider a partner come in for $750,000 and we will use a portion of this to build the 6 poolside units. We also have other developments available for sale and/or shares for other potential investors who may be interested.

Here is what is included in the resort in Panama:

- 3 corporations which include one for the ownership and construction of the property, one for the business of the resort and one for the bar
- 17000 sq ft commercial construction of social area
- Business license for construction business
- Business license for bar etc
- Gym and equipment
- 75'X27' pool
- Bar with equipment
- 5 commercial units for rental
- Area for restaurant and kitchen
- Outdoor showers and bathrooms
- 20 lots for building homes 8 with approvals for second phase
- Large covered area suitable for banquets, conferences and weddings adjacent to pool area or for 6 poolside units
- Rental program with owners of 8 existing homes with 70-30 split. (70% to owners 30% to resort owner)
- Website www.puntachameresorts.com
- Video for sale of homes currently at http://www.connectiontopanama.com/punta-chame-video.php
- Projection of 20 homes estimated at ROI of 50% or 8 homes and 48 motel units
-three one bedroom homes

Video at http://youtu.be/DdNHFhBnhSY

Visit website for additional info

Swap Type:

I can add other assets I can add other assets
I own free and clear I own free and clear
I will offer owner financing I will offer owner financing

One Bedroom House
public swap proposal

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Public & 3-way Swap Proposals: (15)add
Trade proposal by: Alex Rothstein > my listing #11335 (other proposals)
June 21, 2011

Please, take a look at my listing. Maybe we can make a deal. Contact me if you are interested.

Thank you

Online Bank Holding!! With Casino, Auction House and Salvage Cars
$2,900,000 In USA, Other. - Online Bank for sale. New, ready to start...

Trade proposal by: Vladimir Melamed > my listing #11616 (other proposals)
February 01, 2012
I am moving to Panama and need go sell my Villa in D.R.
Villa generates $20,000-25,000 NET per year.
Any suggestions and/or proposals?

Luxury Villa in the North of Dominican Republic 1 min from semi private beach
$525,000 In Between Sosua and Cabarete, Dominican Republic. VILLA "CASA...

Trade proposal by: Duane Lee > my listing #8473 (other proposals)
February 14, 2012
Hi, I know this property well, having lived in Gorgona for 3 years. I would be very interested in taking the project over. I own gold mining claims in BC, and would do a straight trade for one valued at $2M USD with full assays, reports, title, owned free and clear. Over 50 acres on Vancouver Island.

Reply by Seller: Wayne Strachan
February 14, 2012
Dear Duane Lee,

I cannot find your listing. It says it is no longer active. Please contact me with more details on your property
Trade proposal by: Russell Ebrahimi > my listing #14070 (other proposals)
October 25, 2012
Please take look at my listing and email me if you are enterested.


Hill top commercial land and house
$2,500,000 In San Antonio, Texas. Four Bd/2b older house on hill side with 4.7+ AC...

Trade proposal by: Victor Bashunov > my listing #14141 (other proposals)
November 05, 2012
Let me know if you interesting in US income produced

no photo
3 Manchester CT Income Properties
$1,740,000 In Manchester, Connecticut. 3 income prodused properties in CT - multi...

Trade proposal by: Wal (no listing ID provided)
May 28, 2013
I saw your Chame resort, the price is U$S 1.2M including what?
you already sold 10 units, therefore, what are you selling?
What do you sold units or timeshare?
How much will be the average income for new owner?
The property have a owner living unit ?

I have a 15 large units Hotel, with pool, parking lot, good revenue and steps of the beach in Boca Raton /Deerfield Beach to swap, value is at U$S 2.3M - Can you pay the 1.1M balance.?
Trade proposal by: Emil St. Hilaire > my listing #14802 (other proposals)
June 05, 2013
Have you any interest in a home an hour and 15 min from Otttawa.

Cheers Emil

Laurentian mountains lakeside home
$1,500,000 In St. Sauveur, Quebec. Beautiful Western Red cedar home built on the...

Trade proposal by: richard edwards > my listing #12022 (other proposals)
November 20, 2013
Hi there... please review the above referenced listing to see if you have any interest in the property... there can be a deal possibly using your other listings, and possibly for a major interest in the property with benefits, or even the whole thing... I have up=coming interests in Panama, and this could be advantageous...


richard Edwards

Paradise is where you find it
$1,625,000 In san antonio palopo, Guatemala. MAKE PARADISE YOURS -- OWN IT...

Trade proposal by: Leslie Jenson (no listing ID provided)
March 31, 2014
Please give me a call about your resort

Trade proposal by: LottoFactor > my listing #15810 (other proposals)
June 05, 2014

Family Compound - Gated Mountain Community, Panama
$370,000 In Cerro Azul, Panama. Over $50,000 in recent renovations to this gated...

Family Compound - Gated Mountain Community, Panama
$370,000 In Cerro Azul, Panama. Over $50,000 in recent renovations to this gated...

Trade proposal by: William Fleming (no listing ID provided)
January 19, 2015
Would you be interested in an even swap on my carwash located in Port Orange Fl. go swap # 16354 Let me know. Thanks

Trade proposal by: Stewart Knudson > my listing #16536 (other proposals)
February 17, 2015
Take a look at our property and see if you have any interest in trading. I am not familiar with Panama, but would love to hear more about the potential of your property if you are interested in ours.

no photo
4800 sq. ft. home w/20 acres
$650,000 In Williston, North Dakota. 4800 Sq. Ft. Home with 20 Acres !!! (An...

Trade proposal by: LottoFactor > my listing #15810 (other proposals)
February 25, 2015
Possible partial trade? I also own a large (210 sq meter) furnished modern 3 bedroom 4 bath condo in Panama City.

Family Compound - Gated Mountain Community, Panama
$370,000 In Cerro Azul, Panama. Over $50,000 in recent renovations to this gated...

Trade proposal by: KEITH RHODES (no listing ID provided)
July 10, 2017

Our company is TROPTIONS which is cryptocurrency company similar to Bitcoin. We are going public in 90 days with an INTIAL CURRENCY OFFERING and seeking to purchase real estate, yachts, notes and luxury cars to increase our balance sheet assets. We will give you full price you are asking for your asset in TROPTIONS which is trading at $ .70 cents and is expected to go to $10. Let us know if you have an interest.
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