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Homes for sale or trade Homes for sale or trade > Florida > Pensacola > Zip: 32506

Active ID: 16624 Private large 4 bd 3 ba home on 4 acres, make this your mini farm

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front Ranch front porch
drive way private drive
side large 2 car garage with work shop
front  with trees
back pourch screened porch with plastic on it during the winter. Males a green house effect for plants.
carport 2 car or boat parking.
back field 4 acre total, fenced and cross fenced.
Ready for horses or what ever you want.

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Ranch front porch

Homes for sale or tradeMap it

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a rh="125" aborde="top"> Pnew "our = '';="4eme ngnk<, e"our ngID=16egchCraigsngID, eBaCommeany oCoun website: <tyle="posi"h:160px4 m"h>h<f="inde"h//goswap.org/tradengID=16-16624"h>h<rc="http"h//goswap.org/trade/images/listing_photos/thumb_16624_025.jpg" hei"e="top""h160x"h />h CLICK TO VIEW PICTURESilesCONTACT ME/div<h3>hte large 4 bd 3 ba home on 4 acres, make this your mini farm Out</:> ralomm.S. Aal"icl, ePentFREE</a>h<br>h</tyl>he/ namor ae Privn view" /> a>onli a tylelasp_2">e=mapirossWIKI'img alt="Closed_arrow" class="arrow_icon" id="home-features-arrow" src="images/closed_arrow.gif" /> TradeLgID=16es" />e=mapirossWIKIn>open
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