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Homes for sale or trade Homes for sale or trade > North Carolina > Murphy > Zip: 28906

Active ID: 16966 Gorgeous Mountain Retreat on 8.5 acres in Murphy NC

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Stacked stone fireplace in great room Imagine enjoying our mild winters and occasional snows in front of this beauty! To see the rest of the photos go to www.RealEstateBomb.com featured listings!

Stacked stone fireplace in great room
Imagine enjoying our mild winters and occasional snows in front of this beauty! To see the rest of the photos go to www.RealEstateBomb.com featured listings!

Max. Swap Value: $700,000
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exchange for this stateFlorida

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Land Land
Residential Residential

Client to consider properties of equal or greater value.

Value: $659,000
Total loans: $300,000
Bedrooms: 5
Baths: 4
Year Built: 2006
Square Feet: 5,000
Lot/Acreage Size (in acres): 8.5
City: Murphy
State or Country: North Carolina
Zip: 28906
US Metro?: Other
Type: Single-family
Address: How to view address
Location features
  • Mountains

Description: True Log Home on mountain top with 360 degree view. 3 Master suites on two levels, two rock fireplaces, all rock and wood flooring, wrap decks, river rock showers, vaulted cathedral ceilings, Fruit trees, detached workshop and garage with work out room, solar panels an battery bank for off the grid electric, private access, defensible, well water and garden area, place for chickens and a cow or horse. I am a licensed realtor and this listing is my clients property please contact me if interested at706-970-1713

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I can add cash I can add cash

Karen Onsager-Broker
public swap proposal

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Phone: xxx-xxx-xxxx How to view name & phone
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Trade proposal by: Craig Sibbett > my listing #...
August 19, 2015
We have . . . . . & . . . . . . If possible it would have to be straight trades. Do not want to incur debt on our end. . . . -. . . -. . . .
[listing . . . details and pictures]
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Trade proposal by: Michael Anthony > my listing #...
September 28, 2015
Please take a look and see if you interest I a trade
[listing . . . details and pictures]
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<dth:300px;" 4/gosw" > <om_cmsr" ages/listing_photolty=use-tain " > </trade/i" ages/listing_photos/thumb_16966_image.jpg" height="167" width="125""v"text/" /08 " /> CLICK TO VIEW PICTURESOCTYCONTACT MEeen_<h3> on 8.5 acres in Murphy NC