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Land for sale or trade Land for sale or trade > Arizona > 0racle > Zip: 85719


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Residential Residential

Value: $1,500,000,000
Lot/Acreage Size (in acres): 40
City: 0racle
State or Country: Arizona
Zip: 85719

Location features
  • Desert,
  • Equestrian,
  • Mountains,
  • Rural

Description: Unique 40 acres at 6000 feet in Oracle Arizona. Beautiful views and surrounded on two sides by National Forest. It is right on the Arizona trail which mean you can ride or walk all the way to Mexico or Colorado from the property. Because of the elevation, you don't need air conditioning. Its very pleasant year-round. Mostly clear blue skies. Also you can connect to city water, which is right next to the property. I have owned it since 1999. Have it surveyed into 5 smaller lots. Was listed for $2.5 million in 2004.

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Trade proposal by: Vincent Hutson (no listing ID provided)
February 28, 2017
I have interest in your land feel free in calling me at . . . . . . .. . . . thanks Vince >> access proposal with contacts and details
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