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Multifamily or Commercial for sale or trade Multifamily or Commercial for sale or trade > Connecticut > Pawcatuck > Zip: 06379

Active ID: 17107 Work from home in Connecticut

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Max. Swap Value: $250,000
Swap For Location(s):

exchange for this stateArizona
Metros & cities: Phoenix, AZ

Will swap for:

Multifamily or Commercial Multifamily or Commercial

I would like to do an exchange for a multi-family home in the Phoenix/Tucson areas of Arizona

Value: $450,000
Total loans: $0
Year Built: 1896
Square Feet: 1,300
Lot/Acreage Size (in acres): .33
City: Pawcatuck
State or Country: Connecticut
Zip: 06379
Address: How to view address
Location features
  • Urban

Description: I have a two family home in downtown Pawcatuck in the Stonington area of Connecticut. We live in the downstairs apartment but the upstairs is under lease for $850/month. I also run a business on the property which was established in 1982. The business has a website with about 60 wooden teak products that are sold both resale and wholesale. Some products I manufacture here and others are produced in the Far East. There is a sizeable inventory of teak and teak products to the value of $100,000 and average turnover for the past 10 years is $70,000. Also part of the business includes a line of chemicals including water based finishes for teak, cleaners , fiberglass cleaners and polishes and several other marine cleaners. I was ill three years ago and am planning to retire. I have cut back on several trade shows but sales could easily be bought back up to a minimum of $150,000 per year. The business has done well in this area though could be moved to another location.

I would like to do an exchange for a multi-family home in the Phoenix/Tucson areas of Arizona

Visit website for additional info

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Trade proposal by: Stephen Canzoneri > my listing #17792 (other proposals)
February 11, 2017
Any interest in Prescott, AZ?

Shell-stage Vacation Rental
$449,000 In Prescott, Arizona. Former bank building planned to be remodeled into a...

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