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Businesses for sale or trade Businesses for sale or trade > Virginia > Newport News > Zip: 23602

Active ID: 17364 Day Spa Educational Facility

no photo

no photo

Max. Swap Value: $500,000
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Looking to retire in a beach town...

Value: $500,000
Total loans: $0
City: Newport News
State or Country: Virginia
Zip: 23602
Address: How to view address

Description: 20 years in business... offering training in the Day Spa Industry. Beautiful location offering services to the public.

Visit website for additional info

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I can add other assets I can add other assets
I own free and clear I own free and clear
I will offer owner financing I will offer owner financing

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Public & 3-way Swap Proposals: (2)add
Trade proposal by: Sharry (no listing ID provided)
April 03, 2016
I would like to see photos of your property. We have an Illinois wellness center and might be interested in another type property.
>> access proposal with contacts and details
Trade proposal by: richard edwards > my listing #...
May 21, 2018
We could be very interested if it included the real estate or if the real estate can be acquired as part of a trade [ . . . . .] look at what we [ . . . . .] we also have a large lakefront home... >> access proposal with contacts and details
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