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Active ID: 17416 Castle House

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thumb_17416_8.jpg Beautiful house in central pacific of Costa Rica, Price: $499,000 owner financing available..
Miles of pristine private beaches only 5 minutes away..

Beautiful house in central pacific of Costa Rica, Price: $499,000 owner financing available.. Miles of pristine private beaches only 5 minutes away..

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Residential Residential

Mainly interested in selling Price: $499,000. US dollars

Value: $499,000
Bedrooms: 4
Baths: 4
Year Built: 2010
Square Feet: 4,306
Lot/Acreage Size (in acres): 0.99
City: Esterillos
State or Country: Costa Rica
US Metro?: Outside of US
Type: Single-family
Address: How to view address
Location features
  • Beach,
  • Modern,
  • Mountains

Description: Dubbed the "Castle House" by many as it's perched high on the hilltop overseeing the entire community. This luxury north american quality home offers stunning ocean and mountain views only 5 minutes from one of Costa Rica's finest, family friendly beaches.

This 4000ft2 construction multi level family home is the largest in Costa Esterillos Estates, high on the ridge with abundant wildlife, a nature lovers paradise! Daily visits by Toucan's, Titi Monkey's and more. Brick paved roads with lighted streets wind through lush green rolling hills to this residence. Underground utilities with top quality 24/7 security. Fully furnished with family room, living room, formal dining, laundry room, 4 bedroom, 2 master bedrooms w/ on-suites, 3 king sized beds, jacuzzi tub, double vanity and large showers. Guest bedroom with 2 twin beds. Eat-in kitchen overlooking the ocean and jungle with granite counter tops, custom cabinets and stainless steel appliances. Expansion possibilities with 3 large basement rooms. Daily water service w/ new 3000 gallon underground water reserve. Nearly 1 acre property with many exotic fruit trees (Mango, banana, plantain, lemon, apple, miracle berry, etc) w/ extra land to develop pathways, gardens and more. Miles of pristine private beaches only 5 minutes away! Perfect for surfing, swimming or just relaxing. Ideally located between Jaco Beach (20 minutes) and Manuel Antonio (40 minutes).
Minutes to shopping, dining and endless attractions such as Horseback Riding, Tranopy tours, Zip-lining, National Parks, Snorkeling, Fishing, Surfing and the list goes on and on!
Mainly interested in selling.. Price: $499,000. US Dollars
email: dennis at cbmanuelantonio dot com

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