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Active ID: 17572 A villa with Seaview,two guesthouses and exclusive swimmingpool is Spain near Ba

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We look for boat to make a world Tour. We are in the sixties and time is getting faster and faster. We would like to buy our last boat and make our last big move in live.
We would love to find a boat from 54 to 60 feet. Who can be sailed short handed. Max price 750 000 .we accept cash or other items to compensate the difference if needed. We have some cash if needed from our side but not much.
3 or 4 cabins. 2 bad rooms with toilet and shower separate, saloon and dining space. Deck saloon is an advantage but not at all a must. Must be equiped so we can sail fully independed.

little Harbour, Bristol, Hinckley, Mason, , Alden, Taswell, Tayana, and Hylas, certain Oysters, etc. are our favourites but any ship comparable could be also considered.

Generator and water maker or space to put them, well equipped kitchen, wash machine or at least space to put it.

Electr/ hydraulic roll Genoa and if possible in mast furling for main sail, electric/ hydraulic winsches or space to change to them, bow thruster is a must.
Min 1000liter/300galons of water and gasoline (diesel) motor depending on size min 80 to 180 hp.
Centreboard is a plus but not a must. If fixed keel max 2,5m. Heating system.
Fully equipped for ocean sailing.
The boat must have sufficient potholes. Since my wife has claustrophobia.
Also a deck saloon is advantageous, the same for a centre cockpit.
A good equipped kitchen, with freezer and deep freezer.
Certainly no mast in the middle of the saloon, dining room.
We want a boat who looks nice with a modern design or really classical with nice light interior and all modern comfort, what will be difficult. No wooden hull.

We are from Belgium (europ) and We would like to leave as soon as possible on our world tour.
So it seamed to be a good idea to propose, eventual, an exchange/swab deal.
1-Or in exchange a steel moter yacht 13,5m long, (longer You can not do certain parts of chanels in France and North europ). An Aquanaut 13,5AK/ZC constructed to do also coastnavigation. Two motors, equiped to moore on the coast at low water, heavy windlass, etc.Fully equiped to live independed on Board. Value 225 000
2-Or a mooring in Spain near Barcelona very close to Tarragona 18x5,5. Very close to high speed trains, golf course,Ebro river famous for fishing, mountains famous for Walking, hippique for horse riding . 0.5hour from airport etc. Etc.Markt Value aprox 90 000
3-Together with the mooring an Oyster 48 lightwave. Compleetly renovated in 2014. New teakdeck, compleetly repainted with 2component allgrip.
2015/16 new sails, solar panels, windgenerator"silent wind", inner floor, etc market value aprox 125 000
4- We also have our house for sale/swab 30 000m2 land - 25 000m2 woodland. 2000m2 viniards 3000m2 garden, swimmingpool,house 300m2 and two guest houses from about 70m2. Market Value around 1 250 000. Previous aprox 2 000 000. In exclusive protected area, one may not construct any more around the hous. Vieuws on mountains left, Sea in front, woodland right.
You will find those items also soon on goswab.
If interested in one or more items please contact us for more information or pictures.

But first I need to get rid of the boats. The rest I can rent for some Time. Our intention is to leave for 1 to ? years on navigation in the world. There where the wind wil take us.
Kind regards,

P Picavet

Value: $1,250,000
Total loans: $0
City: Tarragona
State or Country: Spain

Description: 1- A) Areal estate in Spain near to Tarragona.
Aprox. 300m2 house. 3 badrooms each with toilet, extra visitors toilet.
Library, approximately 60m2 saloon with open fire place . Masterbadroom with freestanding bath and walk in schouwer, master bedroom with private terrace. 4 bedrooms, witch one can be transformed to one big room (approx 4,5x9m), two workshop/storerooms.
Dining room/kitchen with big modern fully equipped kitchen.
Front wall Full Windows, front has spectacular vieuws on the Sea/front, High montains/left, vineyards and woods/right, behind the house you have Woods and montains.
separate galeria terrace on front. Separate garden terrace on side for barbecue and outside meals (just in front of kitchen) The house is completely protect for absolute privacy and non wanted visitors by Natural barriers.
Beautifully imitation rock waterfall who drops in similar swimming pool with nice palm trees and garden, solar shed/pool house for sun protection with benches.

Very quite, protected area ( forbidden to construct Andy more in the full arena, green zone, wood protection) Very Near to all sorts of activities (between 1 and 5 minute); beach, 3 golf courses, port, our Mooring and boat are at 5 minutes. Horse riding 1 minute, walking in the mountains, mountain bike immediately behind the house at 100m, you can start at the property. Restaurants and shopping centres at 1 to 5 minutes.
Amusement park, porta venture (one of the biggest of europ and the highest/biggest atraction of europ, aquapolis at 15 minuts. Real Night live at 20 to 30 minutes.
At half An hour you can go fishing or canoeing in the biggest river of Spain and very famous and very beautiful to visit, the river Ebro.
Near to famous Castells (eg Miravet, with pont to cros the river) touristic areas. 30 km to aero port. 5 minutes from high speed train (TGV).
Half hour from Barcelona by high speed train. One hour by train or car
Near to big village 6 minuts with shopping centres, restaurants, pubs etc.
Realy big Shopping centres at 20 to 30 minutes (Reus and Tarragona)
Large and wide sand beaches never very full even not in high season.
House is part of a community. But this is the only property with full, Full privacy. You do not see the community buildings and they do not see you because of Natural protection. You are cerounded by hils and Woods. In front in the lower part of the valley you can see the corral of the horse riding, walking approx. 3 to 5 minutes descending.
The property is 30 000m2. From which, 25000m2 Woods, aprox 2000m2 vineyards and 3000 garden with houses and terrases, drive way, about 250m on the property.

At the property there are extra also two guest houses each approx. 70m2. With separate bad room, kitchen, terrace and separate bedroom. Each with extraordinary views.
Is very wel located for B&B business, tourist & Barcelona, Madrid.
Total Value 1 250 000

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