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Land for sale or trade Land for sale or trade > Arizona > Carefree > Zip: 85377

Active ID: 17778 Beautiful 4.71 acres in Carefree AZ million dollar neighborhood

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Max. Swap Value: $400,000
Swap For Location(s):

exchange for this stateArizona, British Columbia, California, Florida, Hawaii

Will swap for:

Land Land
Multifamily or Commercial Multifamily or Commercial
Residential Residential

Value: $359,000
Total loans: $0
Lot/Acreage Size (in acres): 4.71
City: Carefree
State or Country: Arizona
Zip: 85377
US Metro?: Phoenix, AZ
Address: How to view address
Location features
  • Desert

Description: TRADE, CASH or BOTH Owner will consider trading for house (rent it back while you build, so you make one move). Will consider cash, houses, condos, Hi-line cars, large boat, plane, land, cottage in AZ, HI, CA (coastal only) - FL, NC, San Juan islands, One of the best view lots, easy access all utilities in the road. Beautiful 270 * views. There is no HOA and no CC and R's for the property. This is why you winter in Arizona beautiful Sonoran desert, peaceful and quiet.

Swap Type:

I can add cash I can add cash
I own free and clear I own free and clear
swap even swap even

public swap proposal

Contact ..name hidden..    view profile

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Public & 3-way Swap Proposals: (2)add
Trade proposal by: Stephen Canzoneri > my listing #...
January 31, 2017
Any interest in Prescott, AZ?
>> access proposal with contacts and details
Trade proposal by: George (no listing ID provided)
August 25, 2017
Have direct oceanfront in hawaii >> access proposal with contacts and details
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