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Homes for sale or trade Homes for sale or trade > Colorado > Denver > Zip: 80218

Active ID: 18033 Capitol Hill Rental Property

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no photo

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Max. Swap Value: $250,000
Swap For Location(s):

exchange for this stateAny State, Peru

Will swap for:

Land Land
Multifamily or Commercial Multifamily or Commercial
Residential Residential

I have one other unit in the building, just looking to trade up on one of them.

I would prefer property in Colorado or Peru, but will entertain any serious offers.

Value: $235,000
Total loans: $48,000
Bedrooms: 1
Baths: 1
Square Feet: 604
City: Denver
State or Country: Colorado
Zip: 80218
US Metro?: Denver, CO
Type: Condo
Address: How to view address
Location features
  • Urban

Description: Sweet Capitol Hill Condo - Fully upgraded - one deeded parking spot - rents for $1,200 + per month. GREAT monthly cash flow

Swap Type:

swap even swap even
upsizing upsizing

public swap proposal

Contact ..name hidden..    view profile

If no phone number is listed then seller decided not to disclose this information. Please email seller via the public or private swap proposal tools below.
Public & 3-way Swap Proposals: (2)add
Trade proposal by: justen miller (no listing ID provided)
November 17, 2017
Hi there,

Hope this finds you well. My wife and I own a coffee farm on a river in Costa Rica, in Perez Zeledon, closer to the beach towns of Dominical and Manuel Antonio. We live in Denver close to Cap-Hill. I am an attorney and my wife is a director at a hospital. We owned a coffee roasting company in Denver for almost a decade but got rid of it when we had a child. We have family in Costa Rica in the area so do not necessarily need our farm as we once did when we had our company.
Our farm in Costa Rica is owned free and clear; we have done extensive landscaping, road building, house sites, as well as thousands of new high grade coffee recently planted and producing. The property is about 4.5 acres and we have excellent relations down there and people who take care of all the operations. Perhaps we could look into a swap involving our farm and cash for the Cap-Hill condo. no worries if not, just thought this may be a way for both of us to avoid real estate fees, etc..


Trade proposal by: Richard Chamberlain > my listing #15894 (other proposals)
December 06, 2017
Any interest please call me great income property good zoning

Tucson, AZ Commercial Building central location close to down town and Pima Coll
$285,000 In Tucson, Arizona. This property is on the Gem Show route. Front...

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I have one other unit in the building, just looking to trade up on one of them.

I would prefer property in Colorado or Peru, but will entertain any<br>l<s="feed"l>
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