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Land for sale or trade Land for sale or trade > Belize > Hopkins >

Active ID: 8208 Belize Hopkins Beachfront Lot $178,888

Calm Beach
Inside the village
thumb_8208_belizefeb2008119.jpg Vacant house. Teardown for the meek or renovate for the adventurous. Property priced at lot value.
Vacant house Vacant house. Teardown for the meek or renovate for the adventurous. Property priced at lot value.
thumb_8208_belizefeb2008120.jpg Vacant house. Teardown for the meek or renovate for the adventurous. Property priced at lot value.
thumb_8208_belizefeb2008129.jpg Vacant house. Teardown for the meek or renovate for the adventurous. Property priced at lot value.
thumb_8208_belizefeb2008121.jpg Vacant house. Teardown for the meek or renovate for the adventurous. Property priced at lot value.
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Calm Beach

Max. Swap Value: $178,888
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Business Business
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Residential Residential

open to all offers. Want to trade for something that produces income. We are from Alberta Canada and would prefer something closeby. We prefer Canada and US and are open to offers in other countries.

Value: $178,888
Lot/Acreage Size (in acres): .1311
City: Hopkins
State or Country: Belize

Location features
  • Beach,
  • Waterfront

Description: 67'x 60' lot inside Hopkins Village (1100 pop). House has been torn down. Priced at lot value. No vehicle required. Leisurely 1 block walk to bus stop. Stroll this safe community and visit the first class all-inclusive resorts on both ends of the village. Relax on this large curving swath of white sandy beach. Warm, calm water that is great for swimmming. Unwind and watch the manatee from your doorstep. Close to snorkeling and diving at the Barrier Reef. They say this area is poised to boom. In Belize you own the title. Great investment as there is no capital gains tax in Belize. Low cost retirement area in English speaking country

Swap Type:

I can add other assets I can add other assets
I own free and clear I own free and clear

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Public & 3-way Swap Proposals: (13)add
Trade proposal by: Bill MacQuoid > my listing #11013 (other proposals)
May 08, 2011

Oregon Coastal Lakefront Property
$195,000 In Lakeside, Oregon. Rare lakefront property on Oregon Coastal Lake...

Trade proposal by: Karl Mertz (no listing ID provided)
July 22, 2011
How about trading for 100 acres of heavily timbered mountain land, and assume a $34K mtg., OR 90 acres and no mtg.? I'll explain how it should double in value, once you cut in a gravel road connecting it to a Forest Service road. It's surrounded by 2.7M acres of National Forests: (406) 552-3954.
Trade proposal by: Randy Steinke > my listing #11550 (other proposals)
September 01, 2011
# 11550 Still interested in my house in BC?
Trade proposal by: Paula Horvath-Neimeyer > my listing #11692 (other proposals)
September 15, 2011
We have a beautiful lakeside home in a rural area halfway between Jacksonville and Gainesville. The home is about 4,000 square feet and has numerous screened porches, two fireplaces, a gameroom (or in-law suite) and is located on a pristine lake named Opal. The house is situated on three wooded acres in a small community known as Keystone Heights, which has great schools. Might you be interested?

Gorgeous Lakeside Home in Rural Florida
$400,000 In Melrose, Florida. We have a beautiful lakeside home in rural Florida...

Trade proposal by: Lisa Guetzko > my listing #11957 (other proposals)
September 18, 2011
Hello, we are interested in a trade or possible 3-way swap. We are very flexible with all options open. If you have any other properties that you like on goswap.org or elsewhere, perhaps we could arrange a 3-way swap with someone else even if you aren't interested in trading up. We are very motivated to swap for a property in Belize! Thank you.

Stunning home with pool on 3.4 acres in Southern CA
$500,000 In Nuevo, California. This is an Absolutely Gorgeous Estate Size Home...

Trade proposal by: john knox > my listing #11667 (other proposals)
March 02, 2012
Have RV Park in Arivaca, Az. and other Real estate. Have a son that is now traveling in Belize.

no photo
Universal Ranch RV Park
$375,000 In Arivaca, Arizona. Rv Park plus additional Land. RV Park has 32 full...

Trade proposal by: Seon Joo Lee > my listing #13521 (other proposals)
June 29, 2012
Hello I have RV. Please let me know if interested in.

Mci Bus RV conversion
$59,000 In Clermont, Florida. 1997 MCI bus RV conversion just finished never...

Trade proposal by: Joshua Sewell > my listing #13794 (other proposals)
February 10, 2013
Would you by chance be interested in a 20ac private island w/ cabin in British Columbia, Canada? It doesn't currently produce income, but definitely could; we just always use it as a vacation property a couple of weeks each summer. If so, please feel free to contact.

Joshua Sewell
Gig Harbor - WA
+1 206 659 2398

20ac private island in British Columbia w/ cabin
$250,000 In Fort St. James, British Columbia. Lat/Long: 54* 39' 25.97 N x 124* 52...

Trade proposal by: John Brier > my listing #13330 (other proposals)
May 13, 2013
I would consider your 3 Belize lots for furnished Panama home.

Panama Mountain House inside Chagres National Park
$350,000 In Panama City, Panama. 5 bedroom 4 bath home inside gated mountain...

Trade proposal by: Dove Clancy > my listing #15124 (other proposals)
November 03, 2013
We are interested in staying in Belize and wish to explore different areas.

Live and work in Belize
$395,000 In Corozal, Belize. Eleven room furnished hotel with bar , restaurant and...

Trade proposal by: Paula Allard > my listing #16134 (other proposals)
September 30, 2014
Hello, Thank you for reviewing my swap...

Near Florida 8 units 2.6 Acres No Qualifying Seller Financing or Trade $425k
$425,000 In Phenix City, Alabama. Near Florida...8 Multi Family Units For Sale...

Trade proposal by: Paula (no listing ID provided)
October 06, 2015
4 duplexes all 8 units are 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, living rooms have large linen closets and a coat closets.

Each unit has a laundry room inside with washer/dryer hookups. Located on 2.6 acres surrounded by woods. You can build up to 29 units per an acre or you can build your home or you can bring in a moble home for the owner or manager to live in.

Buildings need renovations and I've repaired Units A and B roofs and gutted 7 bathrooms to the studs.

I have local labor if you need.

Great location 1/2 of a mile to Troy university and Chattanooga community college for excellent tennents. Also located near fort Mitchell, fort Benning and Columbus. Georgia.

Units rent for $599 plus tennents pays $50 for Water/Sewer/Garbage. Tenant also pays their own electric.
Monthly Rents $599 x 8 units and Water/Sewer/Gargage $50 x 8 units = $5,200

Monthly Expenses:
-Monthly mortgage payments $749
-Taxes $234
-Insurance $291
-Water/Sewer 8 units $289
-Garbage $110
Total Monthly Expenses = $1,673

$ 5,200 Monthly Gross Rental Income - $ 1,673 Monthly Expenses = $3,527 Net Income.
$ 3,527 Net Rental Income...CASH COW!!!

No qualifying seller financing 30 years financing $125,000 @ 6% = monthly payments of $749.44. No prepayment penalties, No balloon payment.

Cash Cow!!!...
$3,527 Net Rental Income to you...$$$

You can Call (650) 966-1696 or email me

Thanks for reading...
Trade proposal by: Maxime Bernard (no listing ID provided)
April 13, 2016
I am ready to swap gems for your property. If interested, I can visit it.
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