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May 2008 Newsletter - upload images with no limits!

You've asked for it, we listened.

UPDATE: Some of our members with older accounts may no longer see the link to add/edit images from Edit Listing menu under My Account. To resolve this please click on My Account > Edit Listing > Activate/Renew/Upgrade Image Plan > then choose a new plan to reflect the number of images desired.

From now on upload just about any size or format images (up to 2MB per image) and our newly upgraded image processor will automatically resize them to optimal size of 800x600 pixels. Up to 15 images per listing can be uploaded free, simply

login > click on My account > edit listings > click on listing > edit pictures > click upload.

We recommend uploading only 2-3 images at a time for users with slow internet. Here are some of the points about photos:

  • Make sure your photos are not smaller than 400px in width, otherwise they will look fuzzy.
  • Choose sharp and bright images depicting the best features of the property.
  • The idea is to excite visitors and make them want to click on your swap.

For users who still have trouble with images we offer a listing support service, just email us the pics and we will insert them for $19.

No listing yet? Why not?

We noticed a few hundred users have created accounts but have not yet posted any listings. If you are one of them, we'd like to hear from you. Every month we make website modifications in efforts to make our services more user-friendly. We even removed a friend invitation requirement for basic free listings. So if you had trouble placing a listing in the past, chances are you will be able to submit your property with no issues now.

More reasons to post or dress up your listing

Several national and local media sources will be featuring home swapping in May and June including Money magazine and CNNmoney.com, which will bring a flood of new viewers. So make sure your listing is well represented, then sit back and watch your email box for swap proposals.

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