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NPR Interview Request - GoSwappers, be on the radio!

Below is the email we received today (02/12/2008) from NPR Radio Station, so if any of our swappers would like to received some additional exposure and be interviewed by NPR, please send us your request including Name, GoSwap.org Listing ID, phone, and email. We will forward that info to our contact at NPR and hopefully you''ll get your 5 minutes of fame.

"NPR is interested in hearing more about your (GoSwap.org) clients who can tell their personal story of trading homes well....

...We currently broadcast on over 70 radio stations including Los

Angeles, Chicago, Miami, Michigan, Minneapolis-St. Paul Minnesota, NY

State. You can also tune in on Sirius/XM Satellite Radio Channel 133,

podcast and the internet. See other places we broadcast:


On our show, Dick speaks with people about issues of national and

global importance, but on a personal level.  Guests tell of their own

personal life experiences, sharing stories that our listeners can

learn from and be influenced by. We are nationally distributed by

American Public Media (APM )- Home of Prairie Home Companion

and Market Place. "

Contact us if you'd like to participate in this or any other interviews. Please include your GoSwap.org listing ID.


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