Our Money Back Guarantee

In addition to our traditional money back guarantee below, we now offer full refunds to any members who have swapped their property and are willing to participate in an interview by the local media. This usually takes only 20 minutes of your time.
Trading properties is gaining tremendous popularity these days. So we are confident you will likely receive at least one swap proposal via email or by phone within the first two months after submitting a standard or upgraded listing. However, if you did not receive any inquires in the first 6 months, your listing and upgrades are complimentary. The following conditions must be met before we can refund your listing upgrade fee:
  • Must have an upgraded listing valued $19 or more (we cannot refund for free listings, obviously)
  • If after 60 days you did not receive any swap proposals, please email us to be included in our Swap Hot List (no additional charge), so that your listing receives enhanced marketing Contact us including:
    Email subject: Money back guarantee
    Your listing number
  • If after 6 months or 180 days (from your original listing date) you did not receive any swap proposals, please email us again to request the refund Contact us including:
    Email subject: Money back guarantee refund
    Your listing number
  • We will refund the full amount you spent on listing upgrades (no maximum) back to your credit card and you will receive a confirmation email from PayPal.com. You may subscribe to another listing upgrade and our money back guarantee will apply again. Please note, we will not refund any fees for listings placed before 10/01/2008 or if you failed to follow the 3 steps above to claim your refund. All refund requests must be received within the 180 day window after the initial listing upgrade purchase.
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When swapping existing mortgages will be paid off at closing. Since property swap involves party A buying a property from party B party A's mortgage will be paid off from party B's proceeds, while party B's mortgage will be paid off from party A's proceeds. Because most transactions are financed actual funds are coming from the mortgage companies, plus equity that either party had, (if any).