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NOTE: When using our alternative payment options on this page there will be a delay while payment is being confirmed. Listing will be activated within 24 hours by our staff. Listings will be activated immediately if placed and paid for by the customer through PayPal at the time of listing submission.
If you choose Google Checkout you will be required to login to your Google account or create a new one. will not have any access to your account information. Choose to pay by a credit card or PayPal if you do not have a Google account.
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Payments by mail
Please make your check or money order payable to:
5184 Osceola Ave
St Augustine, FL 32080

Please include your listing ID if your listing is already created, as well as your email address. If we are creating your listing specify to us any links to where the listing could be found online, or address, property type, value, description, and swap criteria or submit all this information here

View our detailed listing plan description as well as hand-held listing plans (if you need help submitting a listing).

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When swapping existing mortgages will be paid off at closing. Since property swap involves party A buying a property from party B party A's mortgage will be paid off from party B's proceeds, while party B's mortgage will be paid off from party A's proceeds. Because most transactions are financed actual funds are coming from the mortgage companies, plus equity that either party had, (if any).